Our homeland will continue to deliver its weapons to China

Russia will continue to deliver its weapons to China

The range of military equipment and supply volumes will be determined after the 15th meeting of the Russian-Chinese intergovernmental commission on military-technical cooperation, which is scheduled for today in Beijing. All of the committee's decision of mandatory in order to be presented in the final report.

Headed the Russian delegation at the upcoming talks will be Anatoly Serdyukov — Minister of Defense of Russian Federation.

Another meeting of the intergovernmental commission held against the background of increased competition between China and Russia in the markets of third world countries, as well as reducing the volume of military exports to China of the Russian Federation.

During the visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to China which took place at the end of September this year, there are no contracts on military-technical cooperation has not been signed. But, according to Sergei Prikhodko, which is the Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, is in exploring a number of projects and some of them relate to naval and aviation topics.

Limitation of Beijing cooperation with Russia on the purchase of military-technical equipment, connected first with a significant increase in China's defense capabilities, which successfully lead their own development and for all that successfully replicates most of the samples Russian weapons.

On the real moment of exception are only the RD-93 engines, which are created for the modernization of China's fighter FC-1 and AL-31FN. They are available in China MMPP "Salut" to substitute fighter engines Sou-27 which have developed their own resources and equipping aircraft J-10.

In the future, consider purchase China's carrier-based fighters Su-33 created for the PLA Navy aircraft carriers, it will happen, most likely, in this case a copy of the Chinese J-15 fails to meet the required features. Besides just considering the possibility of purchasing the functional Su-35 fighters. Beijing is ready to continue purchasing aircraft missiles for the fighters Sou-27/Su-30 which are in service with the PLAAF.

At a meeting of the intergovernmental commission will also be questioned on the J-15 (a copy of the Su-33) and J-11 (a copy of Sou-27SK). Russian side is ready to address these issues within the framework of agreements signed between China and Russia for the protection of the rights of intellectual affiliation.

Starting in the early 1990s and until the mid 2000s, China was a large importer of Russian weapons. Most large shipments were made in the field of naval, aviation and air defense systems.

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