Our homeland will continue to provide a tool to Syria

Russia will continue to supply weapons to Syria

The defense industry will fulfill all its commitments under current contracts

Our homeland continues to supply arms to Syria according to the previously concluded agreements, as restrictions on the issue no.

"Because of restrictions on the supply of arms to Syria have not, live up to their obligations to the state of our homeland would do on all existing contracts, "- said," RIA Novosti "Vyacheslav Dzirkaln deputy director FSMTC (Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation) at a press conference held in Dubai.

All delivery obligations in Syria Arms Our homeland does, and will do, before the public, or restrictions relating to the situation in Syria.

Mr. Dzirkaln said: "We hope that the situation in Syria has recently stabilized. A whole series of initiatives launched by the Our homeland, will contribute to the normalization of the situation in the country. "

According to the deputy director FSMTC, Our homeland by Syria correctly indicated its position even when voting in the UN Security Council on the proposed draft resolutions of the Western countries, which, in the views of Dzirkaln, "different-sided indictment of the address of Damascus," which also had ultimaticheskuyu threat of sanctions against the Syrian authorities.

According to the UN, many months of armed suppression of the uprising in Syria killed at least 3.5 thousand people. The Syrian opposition and Western countries are demanding the resignation of Bashar al-Assad, President of the Syria. Recall that early October, China and Our homeland blocked the adoption of a resolution in the UN Security Council.

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