Our homeland will create intelligence Watercolors

Russia will build intelligence "Watercolors"DOD RF together with the Russian Space Agency held a closed competition for the development of satellite intelligence under the code "Watercolor", the newspaper "Izvestia", citing a source in the Defense Ministry. The tender was announced by the end of 2012, won the Central Research Institute of Radio Engineering named Berg (CRIRE). The size of the financing of the project was not specified.

Promising base amount of two-way radio station at the cost of 900 million rubles any, that will be dispersed throughout the countryside RF. According to the contest requirements, new stations should be more than 5, and they will accommodate from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. The complex of these stations will be a kind of matrix, which then connect to a satellite radar, radio and imagery intelligence.

In the long term to the "Watercolors" will join other promising satellite systems. To provide such connections gallakticheskih military systems together to present demands consistency and versatility. In the first step, "Watercolors" will work for the Navy RF, for which also creates a satellite system for detection of ships "Liana" with devices "Pion-NCC" and "Lotus-C."

It is expected that protects CRIRE project promising system in June 2013. At the final step of the project will deal with Roscosmos enterprise specializing in satellite and radio communication systems.

In November 2012 it was reported that before the end of 2013 RF begin implementation of the latest multi-position reconnaissance Information System (MRIS), which will be able to track aircraft and ships at a distance of several thousand kilometers. Preliminary tests of such a system were conducted in 2009. Then the work was debugged on planes and ships of the Navy RF.

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