Our homeland will demonstrate the Algerian Air Force upgraded Mi-26T2

Russia will demonstrate the Algerian Air Force upgraded Mi-26T2

The company "Rostvertol" demonstrate to the Air Force Algeria upgraded grievous transport helicopter E-26T2. The demonstration is planned for the period from 5 to 16 July at one of the bases of the Algerian Air Force, ARMS-TASS reported. It became clear from the representative of the military-industrial complex.

According to the source, the first in July helicopter flew to Algeria from Rostov-on-Don, without the help of others.

The Mi-26T2 has a new "glass" cockpit, avionics and navigation system. Lighting equipment cabin is fitted under the night-vision goggles.

At the end of the demonstration helicopter Air Force command Algeria will make a decision about purchasing party Mi-26T2.

At the current time the Algerian Air Force did not have a languid transport helicopters Mi-26T, exploiting in the transport squadrons of helicopters Russian / rosssiyskogo made Mi-6 (2 units), Mi-4 (4), Mi-2 (28) E-8 (47), Mi-171 (42), Ka-32 (5).

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