Our homeland will respond to the deployment of U.S. missiles in Poland

Russia will respond to the deployment of U.S. missiles in PolandMoscow. December 6. INTERFAX.RU — Chief General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces General Nikolai Makarov own informed the Polish officer, the chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army Mieczyslaw Chenyuha on measures that will accept the Russian Federation in response to the deployment of U.S. missile defense units on the territory of Poland.

"We have touched upon those nuances that hinder us more actively together to make plans for the future, first on the missile defense system. You know that Poland has already missile" Standard "system" Patriot. "It is for us a very difficult question. We have to take adequate measures , so that a symmetrical response to the potential dangers that appeared on missile defense, "- said Makarov reporters on Tuesday following talks held in Moscow from the Polish delegation.

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