Our homeland will substitute missile defense in Moscow

Russia will replace the missile defense system in MoscowOur homeland is the development of new weapons for a missile defense system that could potentially change the missile defense system Moscow and to complement the anti-missile umbrella over the rest of the country. On this, as reported by "Interfax", said Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel-General Oleg Ostapenko.

"There are new developments, new directions. So they pretty quickly realizable. And in the coming time, maybe you'll know about it, "- said Ostapenko, noting that only read about the metropolitan area of missile defense," not quite right ", because there are a number of objects and the rest of the country RF, in need of this kind of cover-up. Details of the promising missile defense system Ostapenko did not elaborate.

At the current time, RF is also developing anti-aircraft missile system S-500, which is expected to be a promising base a missile defense system RF. In the true time it is planned that the first such complexes will enter the army in 2013. Technical details of the promising SAM yet classified.

Earlier, the Acting Chief of Air and Missile Defense Command Forces Aerospace Defense Major General Andrei Demin said that over cover Moscow and the Moscow region meet system A-135 "Cupid." Thanks to the efficiency of covering the capital region is 90 percent, and the central industrial district — about 60 percent.

In October 2012 at the Sary-Shagan in Kazakhstan were conducted successful tests of the interceptor missile short-range actions. About what exactly rocket in question, was not specified. In December 2011, on the same test site took tests upgraded missile 53T6 included in the A-135.

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