Our homeland will test the submarine on hydrogen fuel

Russian submarine test of hydrogen fuelRussian Navy wants the end of 2012 to test submarine B-90 "Sarov" the first Russian experimental engine on hydrogen fuel, the newspaper "Izvestia", citing a source in the Ministry of Defence. In the future, such power plants can be equipped submarines of Project 677 "Lada" and "Amur-1500". These engines have a German submarine U-212 project and the U-214.

The source said the newspaper, classic diesel-electric submarines, for example, Project 636 "Varshavyanka" use batteries that feed the electric motor. With their depleted submarine to swim and run diesel engines, so to charge the battery again. This makes it vulnerable ships. In the case of hydrogen engines, electric motors powered by hydrogen fuel parts.

New Russian slider refers to the type of air independent propulsion. He, like other engines such type can significantly increment snorkeling non-nuclear submarines. In addition, due to they are able to significantly reduce the noise of ships. The source said the "News" in the Russian Navy, with the latest airindependent powerplant Russian submarines will be able to make konkurentnst German projects.

In July 2012, the Commander of the Navy of the Russian Federation Viktor Chirkov decided to resume construction of diesel-electric submarines of Project 677, stopped the previous commander in chief Vladimir Vysotsky. Previously fleet did not suit the latest properties airindependent powerplant for the 677 project, he sought her refinement.

Under the project 677 in Russia so far built only one submarine boat — "St. Petersburg" passing the tests. In addition, at various stages of the ships are "Kronstadt" and "Sevastopol" of the same project. Their construction is suspended. As the "News", the construction of submarines could resume if the hydrogen engine tests run successfully.

B-90 "Sarov" is the most experienced Underwater boat, the only one designed by 20,120 in 2008. The ship is based on a body of experimental submarine project "Gar" laid down in the late 1980s, but not completed due to lack of funding. Displacement "Sarov" is about 4 thousand tons. Submarine designed to test new weapons and technology.

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