Our homeland will upgrade of old times spy planes

Russia will modernize the old spy planesThe Ministry of Defence wants to modernize electronic reconnaissance aircraft Sludge-20M taken into service in 1969, the newspaper "Izvestia". At the moment, the Air Force listed 20 such aircraft, assigned to the airfields in Chkalov and Kubinka. Some of them have already passed through the program from upgrading to the end of 2012 must return to base.

Details of the improvements that are received Sludge-20M classified. The source said the newspaper, on the refreshed plane installed new highly sensitive electronic intelligence station, capable of finding radiation radars, communication systems, guidance and other electrical equipment. Exploration can be maintained in the active and passive modes.

Sludge-20M has been created in the second half of 1960 based on passenger aircraft Sludge-18. In total, were collected 20 such aircraft, any of which, according to the plan of the Ministry of Defence must pass upgrades. Most of the spy planes capable in the air more than 12 hours, is in satisfactory condition, but their technical service difficult.

The aircraft engines are a series of AI-20M, the creation of which at the present time is no longer carried out. The only company that is capable of producing life extension of power plants is a Ukrainian company "Motor-Sich". In addition, the military lacked spare parts for engines and aircraft Sludge-20M.

Earlier, Russian Defense Ministry was considering several options for substitution Sludge-20M: Tu-204, Tu-214 and An-140. None of these 3 military aircraft did not accept. Namely, the Tu-204 does not come in range and flight duration, and the An-140 — in terms of space to accommodate the equipment. Tu-214 can vary Sludge-20M, but to refine the aircraft will need a lot of time and money.

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