Our homeland will wage war invisible weapon

In late March, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has made a statement to the effect that by the end of 2012 in Russia will be ready to programm to create a physical, radiation, wave, psychophysical and gene gun. According to the minister, the task to create a tool, based on new principles already laid down in the program for the armed forces in 2011-2020. This high-performance face is not the first similar, earlier, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in his own election article, "Be strong: guaranteeing public safety for Russia," wrote that our homeland in the long run will create weapons based on new physical principles. This, together with a nuclear weapon should be the new inventory for the merits of strategic and political objectives of.

In a certain extent these revelations minister may be regarded as sensational, on the other hand work in this area has long been underway and quite intensively in almost all countries, first in China and the United States. Once upon a time such work was carried out in our country. Completely may be that overseas has been made such significant progress in this area, if we do not reanimate its former state and may not begin work on the new harsh, in the future Russia will be "take" naked hands, even without the use of nuclear weapons.

Listed in the middle of the Minister of special interest is the gene and the wave tool. Meanwhile, in the development of the first wave guns were specifically our fellow citizens, and not the Chinese or the Americans. In other terms this instrument is called the "field" because the special generators were aimed at creating a certain area of the energy field special frequency. This field could be magnetic, electrical, electronic, and that seems especially indescribable bioenergy.

Back in the USSR were achieved amazing results on their own performance. Field generators, details of which even appeared in the press were able to clean all the dirt from large bodies of water and even the ground. Go with this, they were able to make even the most untainted source of water unusable for drinking. With all of this water is kept all their apparent physical and chemical characteristics, but alive organisms simply could not grasp it. More noteworthy experiments were carried out with the diesel fuel, which after exposure to radiation has lost the ability to glow. On one of the army of polygons even had experience in the field of short-term exposure to possess certain physical qualities, a tank column. As a result, the impact of the tanks immediately stalled engines.

Russia will fight an invisible weapon
HAARP — programm study auroral frequency exposure, many are inclined to consider the complex and geophysical program from the instrument.

USSR abruptly went around the United States to develop a tool that is used "new physical principles." Specialists who have been developing data systems, believed that the destruction of the Soviet Union was also connected with the fact that, if restructuring is over tribute, the country would become invincible without the use of nuclear weapons. But it turned out that came out, and in fact all the work on the "wave arms" were closed. Renew them again would be difficult, because virtually all of those who stood at the origins of creation itself implements, already passed away, and documents on many developments simply did not survive.

Make out every kind of weapons based on new physical principles a bit more detail.

The geophysical instrument

This tool is based on the use of funds for military purposes, the impact on the processes taking place in a watery, tough and gaseous envelopes of the planet. With all this attention is paid to the atmospheric layer height from 10 to 60 km. In fact, immediately after the end of the second World War, the United States began to conduct studies that have focused on the study of processes in the atmosphere under the influence of various external influences: «Prime Argus» (call earthquakes), «Skyfire» (formation of lightning), «Stormfury "(management of tsunami and hurricanes). The results of these tests are not widely reported, but it is clear that in 1961 the United States was an experiment on emission in the upper atmosphere over 350,000 dvuhsantimetrovyh iron needles, which are quite dramatically changed its thermal balance. A number of scientists believe that as a result of the impact of the earthquake happened in Alaska, as part of the coast of Chile went into the ocean.

More studied the influence on today geophysical instruments to provoke acts of showers in certain areas of the planet. To do this, the U.S. even during the military campaign in Vietnam used to scatter rain clouds of silver iodide. The main purpose was to creation flood protection dikes break and flooding large areas, making it difficult to enemy troop movements, especially the heaviest equipment and weapons. Several aircraft with hundreds of kilograms of matter itself could do cloudiness area of several thousand square kilometers, causing torrential downpours.

Acoustic instrument

For quite a long time it was found that the sound vibrations that are in the infrasonic frequency range, capable of causing a human state of excitement or even a nightmare. According to the some scientists, when significant radiation power, a person may be a sharp violation of individual organs, the defeat of his cardio-vascular system and the advent of a deadly ending. Work on the creation of acoustic instruments held during the second world war in Germany.

Russia will fight an invisible weapon
Airborne Laser ABL

The laser gun

Masers or lasers — are massive radiators power of the optical spectrum. The destructive effect of the laser beam is achieved as a result of the heating of materials subject to high temperatures. The heating causes damage to the object, blinding of view of the person directly to the irreversible effects, damage sensitive parts of the arms, causing people to thermal burns of the skin.
One of the most fundamental and challenging projects in the United States was to create a military laser airborne ABL, which planned to be used for the deployed missile defense system. Built standard laser even managed to pass a series of tests which have been found to be successful, but a few months back the project all the same was closed due to a large, private money flowing to reduce the cost of South American military budget. A similar project was implemented quite successfully in the USSR, but first-1990s work on it was stopped. According to some sources, at the moment they can be pursued.

A genetic tool

It's clear that the world's population is composed of several different races (the number of which depends on the chosen ordering), the people inside are owned by common genes. In the human DNA laid the genes that are responsible for the shape of the eyes, hair color, resistance and susceptibility to the disease or the other. That's why genetic tool in the case of self-creation will be focused on the first defeat of a certain group of people-carriers of genetic disk imaging without affecting other species that, in fact, is nothing more than another, as a real ge

"Ray of pain"

If the Soviet Union to create new weapons, based on the unusual physical principles, were significantly inhibited by the collapse of the country, in the United States over their creation are working at full speed. Not so long ago, there was created "Active Denial System", which became known as the "pain ray". This system able to do at a distance of 1 kilometer fever "as from a hot oven." Withstand this heat a person can not, it instinct, and he tries to run away. This system can be used to break up mass protests, without causing significant harm to people. In addition to the United States are working to create an acoustic instrument, also known as a "telepathic gun", the sound waves which can inspire a person a sense of horror.

When even the U.S. Department of Defense created the joint management of non-lethal weapons act, which deals with these developments, including the above-listed electric gun. According to Stars and Stripes, the system can be placed on a vehicle. Tests "pain ray" were based on 9 March U.S. Marine Corps in Virginia. According to Colonel Tracy Taffola, this setting for the first time was shown in 2007. She planned to adopt the marine units stationed in Iraq, back in 2008, but the troops got this setting only in 2010 in Afghanistan, where she found a deployment. According Taffoly, from the time a tool has been improved and is ready for operational use.

Russia will fight an invisible weapon
"Active Denial System"

According to specialists from the Office of the acts of non-lethal weapons Susan Levine, this development is, in fact, acts crotch decision of negotiations between the mass and the use of guns for its dissolution. The risk of injury from the implementation of this instrument is much lower than when using tear gas or rubber bullets. The gun has already been successfully tested on 11,000 people and only a 2-cases, the subjects were recorded burns 2 degrees. With all of this thermal beam does not promote either the appearance of cancer, innate lack or infertility.

"Active Denial System" works on the cleanliness of the 95 GHz (in the range of millimeter waves). With all this in spite of the fact that this system makes the beam that is 100 times stronger than the household microwave oven, to the manufacturing of popcorn system can not cope, another principle of action. The development of this system the U.S. defense establishment izderzhalo about 120 million dollars.

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