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Russia will repair its biggest missile cruiser

Repair languid nuclear missile cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov", the 1st of the largest surface ships of the Russian Navy, started in 2011, reports ITAR-TASS news agency reports citing the press service of the company Severodvinsk "Sevmash". The ship is idle at the dock with the company in 1999 as its target repair often delayed because of the shortcomings of funding.

According to the director, "Sevmash" Nicholas Kalistratova, the Government of the Russian Federation has allocated funds to repair "Admiral Nakhimov"In 2011, but this amount is not enough money. Exact amount allocated from the budget to carry out works on the cruiser, Kalistratov did not call. Expected after repair"Admiral Nakhimov "will return to the Russian Navy in 2012.

It is understood that as part of the repair and modernization of the cruiser will be replaced by electronic equipment, also have modern digital systems.

Cruiser Project 1144.2 "eagle" was built at the shipyard Baltic Shipyard in 1988 and until 1992 was called "Kalinin". In total, were built four such ships, two of which are true to the time left on the Navy — in the battle of the Northern Fleet remained "Admiral Nakhimov "and" Peter Lofty ", built in 1996.

Total displacement "Admiral Nakhimov"Is 26.2 thousand tons, with a length of 252 and a width of 28.5 meters. Nuclear-powered cruiser capable of speeds up to 32 knots. Ship armed with anti-ship missiles complex "Granit", anti-submarine missiles "Waterfall-NK" rocket-bomb installations "Smerch-3" and "Boa-1", artillery installation AK-130 anti-aircraft missile complex "Fort" and the anti-air defense system "Osa -MA ". In addition, the cruiser equip torpedo tubes 533 mm. In the air group "Admiral Nakhimov" consists of three anti-Ka-27PL.

In July 2010, the headquarters of the Russian Navy announced that Project 1144 missile cruisers in the coming 10 years will be modernized and brought back into service fleet. Apart from the "Admiral Nakhimov" in the fleet will return derived in reserve in 2002 and 2005, "Admiral Lazarev" and "Admiral Ushakov". They will be upgraded according to the "Peter stateliness."

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