Parrots occupy London

The speed with which these visitors from India and Africa breed in and around London, takes an interest not only specialists but also other British taxpayers. And if in the capital of their bright and whimsically decorated rooms are perceived as exciting exotics, in the suburbs, they even scare.

Parakeets (parakeets), a small sub-tropical birds green color with burgundy beaks appeared in Britain at the end of the last century. However, if in 1995, the year of a population estimated to be close to London and a half thousand individuals, a few years ago, at a very rough estimate, they have become about 30 thousand. Now there are many more, but how much, no one knows. Researchers from Imperial College London are trying to conduct a census of the project "Parakeet", but no one even close no idea where they came from and why these heat-loving birds with such astonishing speed does not grow in the hottest country in the world. Last winter in London was the snow — the weather is usually to Dickensian times, but there are now thoroughly forgotten, — but parrots not only survived it, but substantially increased in numbers.

They fly over the city of large flocks of several hundred birds, and at night fall on the roof or trees, crows, the most aggressive feathered inhabitants of cities, do not dare to attack them, and gradually these innocent beautiful birds turn into a disaster comparable to those described Daphne du Maurier's novel "The Birds," Hitchcock adapted for the screen in the same kinohite.

"When I first saw in his garden a bird, I was excited, said one of the participants of" Parakeet ", a pensioner who lives in the suburbs of London, near Long Lane Park on the way to Heathrow airport — but when three hundred, that's delight does not matter. I tried to arrange them trough, but it is too expensive, they quickly eat up everything. they stuffed all my berries. "

This is not the first invasion of the parrots. At the beginning of last year and at the end of the last century Caroline parakeet was headache of American planters. These emerald bird with a yellow-red-head sat "solid colored carpet" on the fruit trees and bushes and, like locusts, eating everything. As a result, they began to shoot — for protection and for fun — and as a result had shot all.

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