Philadelphia Experiment and Ascension

In this chapter, we begin to explore the basics of how the system is hyper-dimensional physics can actually create spontaneous disappearance of the physical body.

We will analyze the historical event — the Philadelphia Experiment, the ship when the sea supposedly "teleported" from Norfolk, Virginia, and has appeared at Penn's Landing, Philadelphia.

We believe that this experiment — early immature proof that, if the magnetic field of sufficient intensity configured to create the geometry of the EU higher level, you can easily convert the phase of the material, while in this field, to a higher dimension.

We also believe that the same effect has natural sun, only on a much larger and far more long-term scale.

Philadelphia Experiment results show that well-informed individuals are currently available, at least partial knowledge of the Global Grid.

Many people know that the Philadelphia Experiment — an event when in 1943 the United States, seems to dematerialize a ship in the port of Norfolk, Virginia, he moved to Penn's Landing near Philadelphia, and then returned to Norfolk. The total distance exceeding 644 km.

Again, there are many different sources, confirming the reality of the event, and a lack of knowledge of many skeptics allows them to dismiss this reality.

The most recent reports of Lieutenant-Colonel Philip Corso is given on the website of Dr. Steven Greer CSETI, indicate that almost all in the description of the Philadelphia Experiment is true, except for the fact that in order to protect the name used by another ship.

Real ship was minesweeper, not a destroyer. So it makes sense that when the aged members of the crew USS Eldridge asked questions about this event, they do not remember.

Although it is obvious that the ship was not Eldridge, we were told that the experiment itself, of course, took place.

We were told: the ship became invisible and quickly transported ultra pulsed magnetic field created by the board. The magnetic field is provided by several tons of special electronic equipment on board.

Those who ignore this aspect of the "big picture" through the efforts of UFO / metaphysics / the government to hide the truth, it is necessary to recall some facts related to the event.

If, as said by the Navy, the ship in the harbor just stayed in one piece, then there would be no apparent reason, some families of the crew members say that their favorite (crew members) died that night.

It does not seem plausible, and an explanation of why the rest of the crew was fired from the Navy because of "inconsistencies due to health." Moreover, "suicide" to investigate Morris Ketchum Jessup, professor of astronomy and mathematics from the University of Michigan, it is something more What a coincidence. For many reasons, his death is compared to known case with Vince Foster, associated with the investigation of the case Uaytvoter Clinton.

I was born in 1900, Jessup was a very interesting career. Finishing a doctorate at the University of Michigan, he discovered and cataloged many binary stars in the night sky. His first work, which coincided with a period of depression, has been linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, with the search for sources of raw rubber in the Amazon.

He became a member of the expedition to the Mayan ruins in Mesoamerica, where he worked as a photographer. What he saw shocked him so much that he went to Peru to study the ruins of the pre-Inca cultures.

Studying the huge size and mathematical precision ruins Jessup concluded, the only plausible explanation for how these structures were built — a kind of levitation. He suggested that they built an extraterrestrial influence, race of intelligent beings who have access to the aircraft, the ability to move units through levitation.

By putting forward a theory, he was ridiculed by co-workers and colleagues. However, Jessup was the first proponent of the theory of "Ancient astronaut".

Living on their own savings, Jessup was in the area and began to study the mysterious crater near the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, which are now considered evidence of a collision with an asteroid had killed the dinosaurs.

Over time, he ran out of money, and in 1954 he returned to the U.S. to raise funds to continue the research.

He soon realized that he had discussed all the UFO phenomenon is plausible, and he found the supporting evidence. His great interest in how the movement of aliens, because they violated all known laws of physics.

By January 1955 Jessup has already completed his first work, based on new research, he called it The UFO phenomenon and sold the publishing bento Beech. The book is well spent in bookstores and by the autumn of next year, was published in paperback.

After the book disappeared from shelves, Jessup received several letters from Carlos Allende (pseudonym of Charles Allen). They were written in different ink, and many words in sentences for no apparent reason were written with a capital letter.

Obviously, literacy Allende was not very good, but his story is fantastic: when the Philadelphia Experiment he was lucky to witness the disappearance of the ship, mistakenly called Eldridge, in the Norfolk docks.

In the UFO phenomenon Allende said that part of the information, where Jessup calls on the public to put pressure on the government to protect the research in Einstein's unified field theory.

Allende was very angry at Jessup, because he believed that this theory is harmful effect on human beings, which was revealed during the Philadelphia Experiment. You can imagine that for any planetary community first attempts teleportation to be difficult and take the lives of innocent and brave pioneers.

Although Einstein said that did not finish the unified field theory, Allende began his letter by saying that in fact the theory is complete. Einstein abandoned it because of the harmful effects on humans. Later these influences emerged in the Philadelphia Experiment. Allende said (verbatim):

"More recent calculations (Einstein), made solely for the edification and entertainment, and related to the cycle of human civilization and progress compared to the overall growth of a person's character, his frightened. So today we are told that the theory is not" complete ".

Privately, Dr. Russell believes that it is completed. He also claims that her man is not ready and will not be ready until the end of World War III. However, the "results" of my friend Dr. Franklin Reno used …

The result was and is proof of the fact that to some extent, The General Theory of Fields is correct. Sure, no one in their right mind, or has at least some intelligence, will never dare to go further. "

Next we will get acquainted with the observations of the generated field and the fact that it happened:

"The field had the form of a flattened sphere and extended a hundred yards (More or Less, due to the Moon's position and latitude) of each Beams [1] ship. Any person inside the sphere becomes formless, but he also saw that all the people on board were in one and the state — is meaningless moved.

Anyone could see beyond that I do not maintain a clear determination of the form 'Ship on the water. Of course, despite the fact that the person was close enough to see, but outside the field. "

If you take the letters Allende based on facts, then from the above paragraph, it might seem that there is a fundamental difference between what looks like in a state of physical objects and living human being.

People in the field "are shapeless, and … (they could see each other, despite the fact that the others looked the same way) is meaningless move." This suggests a fundamental difference between a human being and an inanimate object, if there is a "spatial projection" .

Evidence of people making a way out of the body, indicate that they see other entities shapeless. In the higher areas of inanimate matter (the ship hull and deck) can be simply not visible.

According to Allende, the experiment had an extremely destructive to all involved people. People are stuck between the measurements (that and it was), and some could not find a way back into the physical.

In the worst case scenario, some really burned in flames. Survivors, these poor souls have described staying in the intermediate state as a pure hell, where they have been stuck in the seeming eternal slowing and did not know how to escape. According to Allende, there were different levels of "freezing", as illustrated below (verbatim) quote:

"To Unfreeze those who became" truly frozen "or" deep-frozen "It would require the creation of highly sophisticated equipment. Usually the" Deep Freeze "Man get crazy, frantic, running around crazy with rambling speech, if His" freeze "lasted more than Day one of our time.

I speak of TIME for DEEP "Frozen Men" who are unaware of time as we know it. They look like a person in a state Polukomatoznom who lives, breathes, looks and feels, but did not realize so many of them that is in the "Hell ".

In normal freezing man realizes time, and sometimes very dramatically. They never realize as you and me. As I said, the recovery after the first "Deep Freeze" is 6 months. Electronic equipment and place in a special ward are more than 5 million dollars. "

Worth considering why there are psychological effects that people have moved on material phase. We have a description of people who are "violent, crazy running around" in combination with the idea of (people in) polukomatoznom able to … I do not understand so much, that are (get into some kind) in "Hell."

If we look from the point of view of normal psychology, it is reminiscent of the symptoms of schizophrenia.

In letters Allende emphasizes a sense of "deceleration." It is very interesting to note that in the reports of people who claim alien abduction sources are noted discomfort "compression" and "slowing down" of their natural frequency.

Therefore, it seems that the sailors were transferred to a higher frequency, moving "too slow" for the Earth, and the physical body stuck in "molasses." Therefore, our minutes for them equaled the entire week.

Sustained effort to throw off the skin of soldiers of the "frozen" people could give the result only after days or months of their subjective relative time.

Moreover, the energy of the magnetic field on the person, it seems, change the constituent units of consciousness. Of course, we can argue that the high-intensity pulsed magnetic field increases the natural frequency of conscious energy that make up the body of the people.

Once the "consciousness units" are affected by the higher frequencies, they change the configuration to adapt to them. Similarly adapts to higher frequencies of the spherical shape of the Earth. Fact that, apparently, began as an experiment under the "manipulation" with magnet turned into a multi-dimensional disaster.

Many who have studied this case are familiar with the local Philadelphia newspaper article in October 1943, entitled "Strange accident during a fight in a bar." It states:

"Several officers of the Metropolitan Police last night responded to the call of members coast patrol, had sought help to separate a fight in a bar located near the docks, were surprised when, arriving at the site, found that the bar is empty.

According to the two waitresses were very nervous, first-come, Beach Patrol and cleared the scene, but not long before the two fighters sailors allegedly disappeared. "They just vanished into thin air, right here — said one of the waitresses scared — and I do not drink!" According to her testimony, at the time the Coast Patrol continued hastily expel all of the bar.

Follow the conversation at a local police station did not leave any doubt as to which of course is about 11 hours last night at the bar, located in the immediate vicinity of the docks, there was a general fight. Produces no evidence, no denials strange aspect of this story.

One witness succinctly summed up, seeing it as "a lot of nonsense extravagant ladies." He continued: "Someone looking for free publicity."

The damage to the bar, was estimated to be within six hundred dollars. "

Next we want to consider the exposure of the other letters Allende. While all of it is written in capital letters, we turned it into a normal supply:

"How would you like to talk to the person (or one of the people), which was invisible to the human being? (Or was that of your eyes, turn the appliance off at the hip.)"

We can consider a newspaper article as evidence that describes a public demonstration of the effects on the individual magnetic / spatial shift. Of course, it is interesting to note that the Beach Patrol, apparently drove out all of the bar just after the incident.

In the quotation from letters Allende suggests: "the instrument on his hip," "allegedly radiating a kind of stabilizing field, were a few people to protect themselves from ever happening again. This indicates that certain magnetic frequencies can protect people from the "disappearance".

But how could disappear people, if they are not exposed to the field itself? Here is one possible theoretical responses.

We have already discussed how exactly an octave measurement theory fits into the idea of a Holographic Universe. One of the properties of holographic photographic plates: no matter, no matter how small a piece of it is not cut, if its light with laser light, it will be seen all the original image.

It may not be clear, but always will be. Consequently, part of the holographic theory states that patterns can be stored in the form of information, just as the DNA template keeps the body.

New magnetic field, due to its high intensity, could change the hologram of consciousness units making up the physical body. Consciousness Unit received a modified geometric pattern — a cross between the octahedron and tetrahedron — possibly asymmetrical in shape.

As explained in the previous chapters Seth consciousness units of emotional energy. Therefore, the presence of strong emotions felt by people when during the experiment their bodies suddenly found a new configuration can run the pattern memory units themselves.

Return to the state "between the" may require only a little more emotional energy that the units in the complex body tightened to the point. Undoubtedly, the Ra Material begins to make sense, saying that at the beginning of the fourth density souls have not learned to disguise from third density.

They did not have enough personal power to maintain the new configuration, and from time to time, they slipped to patterns of the past, who remembered their Ascended body.

In the book, David Chayldresa Anti-Gravity and the World Grid is our primary source of information Harry Olsof shows that way, done by ship, exactly coincided with one of the power lines of the Global Grid. William Becker and Bethe Hagens (whom we'll meet later) called this line "Grid Line number 18."

Olsof continues to demonstrate that the real place of disappearance and appearance fit nicely into many open Kathy natural resonant frequency of the Earth, such as the speed of light, and a breakdown of the electrons in the core. (Interested readers can refer to the book Chaydresa where will find a lot more detail.)

Hence, the magnetic force is literally converted all units of consciousness, of which the ship was in a higher level of vibration. Once this happens, the physical mass of the ship disappeared, he was able to move in the current magnetic field energy, as did Cathy UFO.

But, if we want it to do work, it is important to carry out an experiment only in the "right" places on Earth.

The natural flow of energy can be likened to a river in the ocean. And, as we shall see, it is at least partly responsible for the ocean currents, and much more, including the weather. Thus, the natural energy flow of the ship was carrying a high frequency through the lattice to the next hub in Philadelphia, where she was to be constructed in exactly the same car as on the ship.

May not fully materialize completed, and the ship was at a slightly higher frequency level, while there had been shocked eyewitnesses.

Then came the opportunity to turn the magnetic field between the two machines and send the ship back on the same grid line, overcoming the natural cyclic flow.

Here is another interesting point: the process of dematerialization accompanied by green fog. In the books of Charles Berlitz says that a mist surrounds the objects in the Bermuda Triangle. Triangle — another place of mysterious disappearances, and as we are about to see, the main point of the lattice.

Interestingly, in his latest book, Notes from the Cosmos Michael Scallion describes the same green mist associated with the manifestation of spiritual forces.

In a vision, which he told Art Bell on the show, he described a sudden change in the solar energy, which is perceived to be down to the earth green fog, disabling all electronic equipment.

Here the attentive reader should perceive communication. Going back to the previous chapters, the essence of Seth said, the air is composed of units of consciousness, which are energy forms that make up all matter. We also know that these geometric forms are sound and color frequencies.

We also know that our measure would be yellow, and the fourth — the green. Therefore, in the green, we see the change in frequency of vibration own consciousness units making up the air. It appears that the information Scallion get right on target.

Linking new knowledge with Katie and the Global Grid, we can see that the Philadelphia Experiment was clearly trying to use the power of hyper-dimensional energy.

Since magnetism — another form that can acquire units of consciousness, it can be used for the conversion of natural structures in the expected third-density vibrations fourth density.

All we need to do — "create" an appropriate geometric energy field. Obviously, with this and still have problems, because the harmonics were not sufficiently clear to provide explicit in the fourth dimension.

Also having great difficulties associated with the so-called human factor, as in the experiment, people were not in any of the measurements, and are stuck in the middle between them.

It is logical to argue that in order to reduce or eliminate such violations this kind of technology can be improved. But even in this case is a serious question whether the souls of people to cope with the vibrations, if they have not "ready."

According to Ra, you will not go into the higher realms as long as the spirit will not be able to cope with their intensity. Otherwise, they will literally destroy you.

As Ra says through appropriate energy or focus of consciousness essentially higher levels may use this technology to "reduce" vibrations and become visible creatures that usually they do not perceive.

That is why the sky mysteriously appear and disappear UFO abductees and contactees or float through walls or see how it is done by these entities. A book is a story of a woman cut his foot when hitting the car, and guests made invisible.

They explained that they could do it with the help of thought, but they also have machines designed specifically for this job.

Philadelphia Experiment roughly demonstrated that the idea of dimensional shift is not something impossible. The magnetic fields that vibrate at the correct frequency, cause great changes in all physical matter in this space.

Being such a large object, the Sun apparently has a magnetic / gravity / conscious field is much larger than the field produced locally during the Philadelphia Experiment. Moreover, it is the sun keeps planets in their places.

Since it can be shown that sunspots cause magnetic disorder, including changes in the sun and the Earth's poles, the Great Cycle of the Sun, of course, has a great influence on the magnetic field surrounding the Earth.

We have already seen how these energies manifest through geometry, and how easy it is to change their frequency. Such frequency modulations can actually make the physical body invisible, turn it into a higher vibration.

This've done not only during the Philadelphia Experiment, but also in events such as the Ascension of Jesus. In Eastern religions, there are many indications that both mysticism and yoga with a flash of light spontaneously left the physical plane, leaving behind a pile of clothes.

The readings Casey says: Atlantean priest Ra-Ta for Ascension used natural energy spirals created by the Great Pyramid.

Details of the "experiment"

Jessup mysterious suicide happened after he spoke with government officials, after receiving a copy of his book with many comments. Further analysis showed that the author of the comments was Allende.

All the comments showed the extensive knowledge in the field of UFO and contained many facts have never been published before. From this information we can see that although the literacy is poor, Allende certainly has sufficient tolerance to the study of the UFO phenomenon, using internal sources.

But the interesting thing is that some of the brief remarks show that "they" knew of the Global Grid. Here are the most interesting words:

"Little People"
"Gravitational Fields"
"Scout craft"
"Placer diamonds"
"Cosmic Rays"
"The distinct dialogue"
"Magnetic Network"

If we look at how some of the words are strung together, we can come to the following conclusion: Allende was aware of the gravity field of the Earth, consisting of a network of nodes and the magnetic vortices, and looking like a scattering of diamonds.

Cosmic rays affect the gravitational field and scout craft from time to time descend to fix antenna Katie or indicative signs. The way in which young people are piloting ships scouts — telepathy or process in mind when you hear the words that sound like a distinct dialogue.

All the above information is well linked with the information on the UFO phenomenon in the past. Clearly traced indicate knowledge of the Global Grid. Therefore, it seems that thanks to Kathy, many government officials were aware of exactly Grids and how to use it.

So, now we see that the geometric theory of measurement becomes more and more sense. We see a plausible, though known only to a narrow range of examples of that energy fields exist and have a real measurable impact.

David Wilcock

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