Poachers, including inspectors, detained in the National Park of Primorye

Inspectors of the National Park "Land of Leopard" was detained in the buffer zone of the park five poachers, one of which was the traffic police, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the head of security FSBI "Land of Leopard" Vladimir Timonin.

"We received information that near Nizhyn hunting on the newly created buffer zone" Land of Leopard "shot is fired. We sent a team of inspectors who chase after five people were detained. Their car was deer meat", — said .

According to him, as the offender was found four double-barrel shotgun and a pistol. When checking documents found out that one of the detainees — inspector.

"Under federal law, hunting in the national park buffer zone is possible, but in a strictly specified rules. Hunting season is now closed and the perpetrators must answer for poaching. Documents submitted to the police, where it is decided whether to institute criminal proceedings," — said Timonin.

At the same time, he noted that, according to statistics, only 10% of the cases, investigators are grounds for criminal prosecution for poaching. In this case, the police officers in most cases, for various reasons, are not held accountable.

"Overall, in the first month of the new year, our inspectors have seized 11 firearms. Moreover, among them there are both registered guns, and illegal, to cut down numbers," — he added.

As director of the National Park "Land of Leopard" Andrei Borodin, poaching in the park affects the living conditions of its inhabitants Red.

"Most of the area of the National Park — 166 hectares falls under the regime of economic and recreational areas. Not poachers — the main rule, which applies to the whole territory of the national park. And hunted here ungulates, people actually stealing meat from the table the rarest cat planet — the leopard "- said Borodin.

National Park "Land of Leopard" was established in Primorye in 2012 to save the Far Eastern leopard and Siberian tiger. It includes a nature reserve "Cedar Pad" and reserve "Leopard", the area of which is increased to 261 thousand hectares.

Amur leopard — the most northern subspecies of the leopard. It is different with thick long fur and is one of the most beautiful and rare cats of the world fauna. The Amur leopard is listed in national and international Red Books. The situation with the leopard can be considered catastrophic — in the last 20 years the area of leopard in Russia almost halved, while the number was reduced to ten times and is only about 40 individuals. In China, according to recent surveys lives no more than 10 animals in Korea, reliable data on the presence of a leopard not.

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