Poison in the Black Sea — 12 km from the coast. They want to irradiate

At the bottom of the Black Sea are the barrels of chemicals.  Photo tutitam.com.ua

Crimea and the Black Sea threatens ecological disaster, Russian media reported. Along the coast, the water is buried about a thousand containers with fighting pesticides — "Lewisite", "mustard", "Zarin" and "Soman" — and if the poison flows out of a single die every living thing in a radius of 40 km. Story about this content out on NTV. Containers sunk in the beginning of the Great Patriotic War to the poisons do not go to the Nazis. "Today" to see if there are grounds for panic.

"Indeed, the container of poison is. Deal with the problem of the 90's. There is a program to find and neutralize the remnants of chemical weapons "- told us the head of DSP EMERCOM Crimea Vladimir Ivanov. According to him, in the plans — pickle barrels in containers, it will give more security 200-300 years. But scientists are working hard to irradiate specific frequencies chemicals at the molecular level — it will make poisons harmless. Soothe and scientists. "In all, about 200 containers. They are at a depth of 150 m, 12 km from the coast and included a layer of silt and sand. At the pressure and temperature, which at the bottom of the sea, the substances are harmless! They are like rubber and can not escape, "- says head of the Department of Organic and Biochemistry Tauride natsuniversiteta Basil Chirwa. According to scientists, this is a typical horror story the Russian media on the eve of the holiday season. Like, neighbors spread rumors that their citizens summer vacation at Russian resorts, not in Ukraine: "Last year, spoke of scattered on beaches syringes with HIV."

Catherine Stulen

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