Polls: Life is quite a record number of Russians


Calculated by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) life satisfaction index increased in November 2012. from 58 to 62 points. This means that the vast majority of Russians are now more or less satisfied with the life you lead.


The index is calculated as the difference between positive and negative evaluations, and the higher the value, the more people satisfied with their lives. In November 2012. The number of Russians who were satisfied with life in all, or almost all, has grown from 36% to 40%, while the number of those who think life is more or less bearable was 41%. The number of those whom life is not completely satisfied, or vice versa, for the most part declined — from 21% to 19%.

"Against the backdrop of a measured movement indices increase this fall in four points this month looks solid. Due to her figure back at record high (for the first time this record was recorded observations in June.) For comparison, a year ago, the index was only 43 points ", — the report says polls.

Grew (from 63 to 65 points) over the past month, and the index of social optimism, showing how optimistic people are about the future. In November, the number of Russians who believe that in a year they will be better off today, was 25%. The number of those who believe that life is not going to get worse, increased to from 52% to 54%. But the number of pessimists dropped from 16% to 14%.

"The value of the index can be considered quite high, but to record observations, established this year, it is still far (70 points). At the same level indicator was a year ago, after a brief spike in the run-up to the Duma elections", — the report says polls.

Reached a record high, and some increased (from 66 to 68 points), the index of self-evaluations financial situation. The previous record (66 points) was established in April 2012. To the same index remained in the area of 50-55 points.

But the index assessing the economic situation in the country has managed to preserve the achievements of the first autumn months, in November index lost three points, falling to 45 points.

Recall that in May 2012. Polls reported that the number of happy Russians rose to a record 82%. The study also noted that the Russians have a sense of happiness is due primarily to the welfare of the family. 15% of respondents find joy in her children and grandchildren, and 13% report that life is good, with 10% happy with what they have a loved one, and the fact that they are healthy and loved ones. 9% enjoyed his work, 4% — opportunities for self-fulfillment, by 3% — friends, availability of material wealth, housing, 2% are happy that there are parents, the same — a sense of youth and beauty. 5% admitted that they rejoice that live another 2% just did not see cause for sadness.

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