Polls: Russians are proud of their history and are dissatisfied with the standard of living

All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center has published data on what is most proud of the Russian citizens in their own country.
Proactive case study was conducted on 13 and 14 July. Interviewed were 1.6 million people from 130 settlements in 42 regions of Russia.

Most residents are proud of Russia national history (85% of positive responses and 11% negative). In second place — Russian sports and athletes (77% vs. 18%), the third were Culture and Art (75% vs. 19%).

63% of Russians are proud of military power and the army, 60% — domestic science and scientists. The position of Russia in the international arena Pride causes half of all respondents, 35% expressed the opposite view. But the standard of living in the country is a sense of pride in only 14% of respondents, while 80% said that the current situation is unworthy of admiration.

As reported at the polls, youth are more inclined to be proud of achievements in sport (85%), the army and military power (68%). Older respondents more frequently than others point out that the proud position in the international arena (56%).

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