Portal transition


One of the reasons why magicians do not like to fly, is that there is an easy and convenient way — teleportation. Magician moves in space from one place to another. From their origin to the magician disappears turning into another dimension, once in the destination magician materialize. It turns out very effectively. Here, of course, there are nuances. Moving magician can detect another magician, got to the point of departure, provided that enough time has passed and the trace is "not cool." For the magician trail is a "thread" that leads to the destination. Walking on this "thread" can go all the way a magician. Therefore, to avoid persecution magicians often resort to various tricks:

hiding place of departure with spells;
committing an intermediate stop in, have certain properties:
background magic in this place can not see the thread further trace;
being in this place is dangerous for the pursuer (the territory of the other sorcerers);
trap set up on the other creatures with magic;
delay of time in certain places or worlds — hours spent here is a year there;
creating a false path — for winning the time or the direction of the enemy in a dangerous place for him.
Leave behind in sending something like time bombs that burst on the physical level neutralize the pursuer or the impact on the magic level to being "blind" and erase the thread chaser trail at some distance from the place of origin, that is, can buy time.

Teleport can not just magicians. But if mages can travel virtually anywhere by magic, mages do not have to use portals. The portal is a "door" between dimensions and worlds. It can be set to a specific place or can go into many worlds, in different times. Some portals are in certain places (where they are based) and can not move. This is just a place where the "door." The portal itself can be hidden in another dimension, and open only to those who can use it. In this case, the portal can be opened only for him alone. For example, in the location of the Portal are a few people, but only one of them has the right to use it. Then between the brain of the man and the Portal connection is established. Portal sees and, accordingly, it may only enter this man. To his companions Portal does not exist.

Types of Portals:
1. Puncture space — a portal that goes to the same world, but in a place separate from the entrance by hundreds or thousands of miles. Thus, the passage of the Portal are subject movement over long distances in a short period of time.
2. Energy Portal — a stone (crystal), which is able to pass energy from one dimension (of the world) to another. Why do people believe that Portal necessarily hole through which you can move to another place. In this case, the portal allow only energy. Of energetic rock is really different from other stones. If you look at it, you see infinity. Energy emanating from a stone so strong that it can be felt and not a magician. Energy Portal is usually in some jewelry and carry. To get the energy out of the Portal Stone does not necessarily have to yourself. Suffice it to find nearby. Energy Portal is used for energy mage spells and for their energizing.
3. Gate of Worlds — a place, not construction. The place from which you can get to many of the worlds. Usually portal has one input and one output. Worlds gates have one input and multiple outputs. They are the point at which these worlds are connected. The gates are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Like a thin invisible thread they permeate the fabric of reality and the world belongs to everyone and no one of them separately. To make it easier to understand the following example:

Imagine a line drawn in a plane. If the plane will intersect the other plane, and held in her line will cross the plane of the other and, therefore, have a point belonging to the parent and the plane and intersect. Now replace the <plane> to measure the (peace), a <line> on the gate of the Worlds. Obtain the properties that can be Gate of Worlds. Generally reality so much intertwined that the same things belong to different worlds. Since the measurements can have an infinite number of points of contact, the manifestations of the Gate and the Worlds in this reality can be anything. That is the entrance to which can be opened anywhere in any reality.
Gate of Worlds have "real flesh>, ie they do not exist in reality. People falling into this place, creates the appearance of the Gate of Worlds for himself. As he imagined them, so they are for him and brought. For some, they are — a huge arch, for others — a tower, leaving in height, for the third — a corridor with many doors, etc. If the people at the Gate is two, then they will see the same thing, depending on who will be the lead in this pair.
Gateway to the World of realized in this place in this reality, you need a key that seemed to hook snagged a thread of reality that make up the Gate of Worlds, pull it out and make the gate visible and accessible. Appearance key is not what we think, hearing the word. The key is a material object, and consists of several parts. Each of which is a single crystal or a metal product that has its own magical background and useless by itself. In the usual form of the key separate from each other and are in different places for different people. When joining the parts together Gate Worlds appear in the place and the time when and where the key was collected.
Worlds gates can be used to visit other worlds by individuals, but more often they are used for the mass migration of creatures (people) from one world to another. This is useful when their world is dying, or relocated, or in the world of balance between the forces of light and darkness and she is threatened with destruction. By analogy with the treatment of: sometimes for relief of man enough to bleed, sometimes without taking the medication is necessary. Making the vaccine, you instill a disease, but it helps you to recover and survive. A large proportion of drugs can kill the contrary. And the world. He, too, is sick, and the Gate of Worlds to help him heal. Unfortunately, some people (or beings) use the Gate of Worlds for their purposes. They open the gate to break through them a lot of alien beings in this world. From that was born in this world, it does exist and protection. Against creatures born in other worlds, in this world there is no protection and if it is not created, then this world become another of the same from which they came.
It is to avoid such situations, the key to the gates are divided into several parts and hidden in inaccessible places, and themselves Gate sealed. Print Gateway is a virtual lock that allows you to see the Gate, but does not use them. To seal or printed Gate need to sacrifice one's life, or several lives. Magic — is a constant balancing act between life and death, and not a game of pawns.

Now directly on the portal:
The portal consists of two parts: the input and output. If, for example, output is disabled, the portal will not work or will return you to the entrance. Portals can be unilateral or bilateral. Unilateral conducts only in one direction, and go back through it impossible. Two-way allows you to navigate and there, and back.
The portal itself may look different. It is visible and not visible. Invisible Portal is a specific place, getting to that initiated the transfer process. Transport occurs by force or by choice. Forced migration is similar to the movement of the pipe. He immediately brings man to the door, but only a certain part of the body is within the scope. Option <optional> looks like a hole between the place of entry and exit spot. Through this hole can be located at the entrance, look through the portal at the exit site and see what is happening there, not moving all over. Walking through walls, just is a portal that takes you through another dimension.
Place user login can be constant (in the case of stationary portals), or selective (in the case of time portals). In this entry point can not stand out from its surroundings. It happens in the wall, the floor, the room in the mirror: It's because the reality can break anywhere.
Mages are qualified can create their own portals for themselves, but sometimes it is necessary to give the same opportunity to ordinary people. Then the magicians create magical artifacts that embody all that is necessary to create a portal. There are many ways to create them. Here are some of them:

· Tapestries. Through magic, yarns, and other ingredients are tapestries (or rugs). They, with the smallest details, portrayed the part of the world in a place out of the Portal. It is important to keep the absolute value of the real and painted space. Smallest discrepancy, for example, the appearance of the place a foreign object or material breach of the tapestry, may not trigger the Portal. Therefore, the tapestries depict places that are not likely to change. The portal has a permanent entry (all the time in the tapestry), and the type of unilateral and coercive. He acts like this: when entering the figure on the tapestry a person is in that place, which it is drawn. The advantage is that the permanent entry and exit, the tapestry can be sustainably and in the presence of two different tapestries, get a portable, two-way portal.
· Drawing on the wall. This same principle as that of the Portal on the tapestry. Used most often magicians who can not create portals. Disadvantages are the same pattern: The indicated place and violation pattern disrupts the Portal. What about the accuracy of the image at all an interesting story. Suppose the figure shows a day when the sun is high in the sky. Then, passing through the portal, you will come on the day and at the time when the sun is high in the sky, even if you entered the portal in the middle of the night. All that time between night and day you're hanging out in mezhrealnosti, although the process of transition will be for you to look instantaneous.
· Portal imagination. Powerful mages to get into a familiar place does not necessarily have before my eyes the image of destination. They just create it in your mind and mentally step into it. Thus they initiate the transfer process.

The most dangerous thing in moving through the portals — is upon exit to be inside of an object, substance, above or below ground … So is failure in the transition or if the magician known (incorrectly) the exact position of the output. Therefore the output of the portals have in well-known locations or locations previously explored by various methods remote monitoring.

· Portal attraction. This is a specialized portal that is different from others in that it acts as the other way around. Most of the portals work the same: there is an input to the magician, and at the destination output. In the case of Portal attraction — the magician is like a way out of the Portal and moved to its input. In other words, if the usual portal — a stone thrown into the water, the portal of attraction — it is a stone throw away from the water. Here we use a completely different principle of the creation and operation of Portals. Normal portal created by force of resistance. Magician collects quite a lot of energy and uses it to pierce the space-time continuum, ie provides superior strength over force. In our case, the portal is based on the use of the law of equilibrium, which tends to keep the world in balance, and in case of deviation from equilibrium initiates force, return the world to its original state of equilibrium. Will turn on the equilibrium of forces and most of the portal is built attraction.

For the Self-usual single portal in a random place requires a lot of magical energy, and if before that you have already spent a lot of energy to the battle with the enemy or covering up the traces, or for some reason can not be in the required amount, then create their own portal you can not. And if you're surrounded by enemies and you have nowhere to wait for help, you just left to prepare for death? It would not be the case. In these cases, you will help portal attraction. The advantage of this portal is that its creation requires a mage minor energy costs and Education Portal is almost negligible for other magicians. Conventional Portals — is almost always powerful energy bursts, easily pinpoint the Magi, which gives an opportunity not only to magicians to discover someone's appearance or disappearance, but also to block the work of the Portal. The portal is not as attractive. If you compare the education portal usually with an explosion, the portal of attraction on the same scale would be a small cotton. The fact that the energy burst it happens at the destination, and not at the disappearance of the magician.
Creating Portal attraction does not require high energy costs, as it is not created as a result of combat, as well as the subordinate forces. Used to create it, such gravity as: the longing for his home (or other place or time, which is dear to you) the power of love or hatred, which it is not paradoxical, but also a force of attraction, well, and some other forces that can capture you entirely. To initialize the portal you need only say the Portal spell, associating it with a bit of magical energy that you have available, and very much want to be in the home or around your favorite (or least favorite) person, fully respond to it. Then the force has created a portal formed with the power of your will. It is not necessary to be in some other place should want magician himself. Sufficient if there is a desire to have a person with whom the magician is in close contact, for example, holds his hand and <Read> his brain. Thus, no matter whose it is formed with an energy force mage because strength in the long run there is no own and someone else's.
When all these conditions in the place where you want to be, you create a vacuum. Of course, this is no ordinary vacuum, and a kind of energy (or any other) void or vacuum of space-time. In other words, in the world there is a hole that is upset the equilibrium of the world. And fill this hole, restoring balance, only you can do is, as their place of desire, your desire to void itself. Here comes into motion forces restores the balance. They are imposed on the forces that you are already involved and together create that very power that moves you in the desired location. Force, like the one that causes the air of high pressures to fill the area with less pressure.
Itself each of you use force may not be sufficient to achieve the desired result, but together they give you the opportunity to achieve what you want. In magic do often put seemingly disparate things, such as, for example, material objects and feelings. This is quite normal, since Magic is based on its logic and its laws, and only those who understand the magic, able to work with her.
The example of the Portal demonstrates that magic as important to be able to be strong and important to be clear. Be strong and to be weak — it's just two different approaches to the same problem. One swimming across the river, struggling over, wasting all the power and sinks, and the other floats, using current, and chosen on the opposite shore, though not in the same place where he planned.
Everyone chooses his own way: a path of power, another way of weakness, but the magician always goes his own way, as appropriate using both.

Travel by dimensions.

Magicians and ordinary people see the world differently. For people, the world — is a set of planets, galaxies and universes. Another world — it is a different planet, where perhaps there is another life. At least, so says their science. Sorcerers understand the world is much wider. World — it is not only what surrounds us. What we see and feel, that is that part of the world that we can perceive, is only a small part of something bigger. Imagine a world consisting of a set of planes constituting each other, ie have points in common. In this world, our world — the only one of the planes, because the perception of the common man of the world and its ability to know the world is in one plane only. In this regard, one simply can not know everything that is the world. Just as it is impossible for one side to say on the subject as he is at large.
People think that a world in itself and the fact that there is one world, there is no different. They're right and wrong at the same time. Because the subject of one of the world at the same time is part of another world. There is a number of worlds. There is one world in which you can select the set of planes consisting of different dimensions. Each of these planes can be presented in a separate world, but only imagine. The way we see the world depends on our view of him, and not on what it actually is. If you look at the world around us in the ocean, the desert, or a bird's eye, we see the world completely different. Similarly, if you look at the world in different planes it will be different.
Our four-dimensional world, we find a description of any object in it can be made using three coordinates describing the location of the subject in the world and one coordinate describing what point in time it is in this very spot. These same four dimensions and limit the other plane of the world that we perceive. But in fact, the world is much more complicated and not limited to the four dimensions. Just a normal state hard for people to go beyond their four dimensions, and other measurements of their reach. Here to help people and comes magic. Of magic is based on the laws of the World, and, relying on magic, you can go beyond the laws of the realm.
Just as the door can be opened or outside or inside, and go beyond the four dimensions, and thus go beyond the scope of this and move on to another plane in two ways: by changing the surrounding reality or change themselves. Person to perceive a different world or to change his way of seeing the world, that is, change it or make it available in a different perception of the world through the perception of the world, ie learn a different world with objects that exist in his world. The use of magic is based on the second method. In this case, the perception of the world does not change a man, and brought under the existing framework. This option gives you access to other worlds to ordinary people, not just those who are able to change their perception. However, in the absence of the magic is lost and their ability to move through the worlds. But people who are able at will to change your own perception of the world that lack not affected, since their method is based on the movements of some other principle. For those who use magic, magic is a kind of mediator between the world and man. It is needed in order to start the process, but the process is carried out by other mechanisms. In the case of persons with altered perception of reality, not a mediator, and the man runs independently necessary process. In this case also requires energy, but this energy is of a different order than the Magic.
Most magic methods suddenly move the huge spaces or in different worlds based on the use of other measurements. Different measurements of distances are quite different and the way that a single system of measurement stretched for thousands of miles in the other system can take several steps. But besides the distance for us an important factor is time. Time in different worlds also flows differently. In connection with this day, the last one in the world, could be years that have passed in the other. Time is of the same origin as any other, and if you need to get into the past or the future, it is sufficient to use a different measure for which a certain portion of time scale of our world in a different world is the only point on the timeline.
To understand exactly how and why this is possible, consider an example: Let's take the picture painted on a sheet of paper. Figure is a two-dimensional system and has two dimensions: height and width. Using these two measurements, to put a point on the opposite ends of the picture it would have to draw a line from one end to the other picture. This is the only option in the two-dimensional system of coordinates. But when we use the third dimension — height, and our task is successfully solved with less effort and in less time. In much the same way is the use of other measurements in the case of movements in space or in time.
The formula that describes the ability to travel to other dimensions, is simple enough: Information = Knowledge. Knowledge = Power. Power = Energy. Energy = Matter. Matter = Mass and mass curves space, transforming it into a multidimensional. In principle, it is not even a formula, and the chain of interrelated transformations, which demonstrate that in order to distort the space does not need any additional equipment, and sometimes you just know how to do it.
Once in a multidimensional space, you get to go to worlds that are in different planes, or staying in the same plane to move to any of its component dimensions. In this case, the most interesting option is to move along the time axis, as people have learned to cope with the distance, but do not know how to cope with time.
Paradoxical as it may sound, but of time travel more popular trip to the past than to the future. Although it is natural. If you change the past, the future will change automatically. People always want to know where the error was made. They think that once beat any one point in their lives and their future life will be better. (Frankly, I do not quite understand the desire. Why change the past, and so if you can always change the future. For your future that you are now and so are in the past. And how do you do now depends on the way in which it will further your future.)
Yes your future from interfering in the past change, but change not only your life specifically, but the world itself. So, back to the future, you will return to the other world and is not yet known whether it will be better for you or worse. Cause-effect relationships that are born in your intervention that you have ever happened, so complex and confusing that their change could lead to the destruction of the world that you know. Himself from this world may not be destroyed, but let's say he was turned inside out will not be that world to which you are accustomed.
Therefore, there are a few rules that must be followed when time travel:

1) Travel commit mode read only, ie You can only look but not to touch anything.
2) Do not talk to yourself, are in the past or future, or allow him to see you.
3) Do not take with them and use items and clothing, created in other time periods.
4) It is better that you do none of the residents did not see another day, and you with no one talking.
5) returns from a trip through time to the same time and place, from which you sent it.

Probably, there are other rules, but if you stick at least these, the impact of your presence in another time would be minimal.
These rules are more designed for those who are new to travel in time. Magee, who have experience of travel, know that you can do, and what not, and how to get around some of the limitations inherent in games with time. For example, there is a historical fact that in that year, then burned one of the great libraries of the time. Do you think that if a library has burned down, then burned all the books in it? It would not be the case. We have a fact, that burned the library, but not that it burned all the books. The fact that all the books were burned, we just mean. This little nuance based the admissibility of origin in the past at a time when the library has just started a fire and the withdrawal of several important books, which then take on the future. We can not prevent a fire in the library, with no change in the future, as a library burned — it is like that. But it is about these books in history is silent, so their removal will not lead to a fundamental change in the future. Do the same in other cases.
Once the purpose of your visit at any other time you need to complete your return in time. The process of returning from another time is similar to how you got into it. It can be carried through the portal, which will connect the two space-time continuum. In this case, the transition itself happens to you instantly. And may occur as your return trip from measurements to result in return for a moment at the latest, in which you set out on this journey. In this case, the transition itself directly for you will take some time, but the surrounding of your species may not notice, because you go back to the very moment when the disappeared.
Travel by measuring a rather large and interesting topic, and I hope that after my story she will become at least a little, but understandable.

The theory of transformations.

This change in the structure and / or properties of an object by magic. There are several general classes of changes, each of which has its own characteristics:

1) Complete transformation from one object to another with one thing turns into something else. Possible transformations as animate objects into inanimate, and vice versa. The difference is that the conversion of animate objects retain their soul and the reverse transformation again become who they were. An example of such a transformation can serve as the most common transformation of unwanted people in the mage tree (or stone). In this case, a person does become a tree. His thoughts are the thoughts of a tree. He lives, having lost the memory until its nature is restored. But personality is not erased. A part of him lives, realizing their situation, but it seems to be relegated to the background, and only a few things can manifest themselves. So that the tree, which is a transformation of the person does not become an ordinary tree. It hears and understands you, just something to do not.

The conversion of an animated object to animate a similar situation arises. For example, a man in a wolf. Now it's a wolf. His body is the body of a wolf, he lives like a wolf: a wolf thinks, feels like a wolf sees the world as the wolf, the wolf eats. But human nature, and it is stored somewhere inside. In the reverse transformation, he again becomes a man. Animal instincts and habits it does not persist, although in the early days of conversion and can give themselves felt. Why ferocious personality disappearing leaves a trail due to the fact that it is a secondary personality. Human personality dominates her like a beast prevails over human when a man turned into a beast. The human person is the main and so the animal can have the habits and character of the man, but not vice versa. As a result, the dog turned into a man, keeps the level of development, the nature and habits of the dog.
But for a long stay in the animal condition, especially for the faint of heart people, carries a risk of suppression of the human personality and the full conversion of the beast. In this regard, we must try not to get involved in this opportunity.
Inanimate objects, turning remain inanimate and require constant management magician himself. Changes in their body but not the mind. They become golems or monsters, which the magician uses to perform simple tasks.
Because of these features are becoming animate and inanimate objects of mice can make horses gray suit, but obtained only from the pumpkin coach.
Spell transformation requires direct or visual contact with the object of transformation. Magician can not at will transform what he did not see or located far away from him. Although he did not interfere to support this spell any creature or object. In this case, the presence of the magician is not required. An example of such a carrier spells are water, render a kid, or Medusa, turned to stone those who looked at her.
The process of conversion is only an object in its naked form, ie, change the object itself, but not what it was wearing. Therefore, a woman dressed in a business suit, becoming a panther, will panther, which natseplen same business suit. Agree to such a position for the Panthers is not the most convenient. Therefore, to avoid falling into such a situation, there is usually removed before turning off all the extraneous things and go through the transformation in the nude. In the reverse transformation of the object also appears naked. Here are just a magician naked after conversion you can hardly see. Magicians have learned to cope with this small inconvenience. There are several ways, here's one of them: the transformation occurs simultaneously on two sites — by the magician and his clothes. At the same clothes takes the form, which would not burden the magician, and they could be tolerated in its new guise. The reverse conversion of the magician in this case, to the casual observer there for a moment longer. For the moment it is the excess returns magician clothes original appearance, dress, and is manifested in this reality is already dressed.
Another spectacular tricks with clothes — dressing up is on the move. Suppose the magician wearing a beautiful front, but not too comfortable clothes, and moments later it will have to fight with swords. In this case, the front wear it will only fail and should be replaced by more convenient. Then what happens is the most dressing on the go. Magician walks towards the enemy and as it travels though the figure is blurred, and become visible only its general outlines. Gradually, in fact changing, blur effect disappears and becomes visible to the magician, continues its movement, but dressed in different clothes. Just do not make mistakes, imagining magician frantically relieving some pants and puts on others. The process of changing is not the case. Clothing may change gradually, but it occurs on the spot of the old and should not be worn or buttoning.
Reverse transformation in human kontrozaklinaniem is, at the end of a spell of time transformation, death mage cast a spell, or by the action that removes any spell cast on the person.

2) Go to the essence of the magician's body of any substance that is check into it. Object of the universe can be any animate beings: people, birds, animals. Most often it is the birds and animals, because it allows to penetrate to different places and because people do not pay attention to them quietly listen to their conversations. Moreover, in the form of a bird, you can quickly travel great distances. When descending creature consciousness magician does not replace the consciousness of others, and only takes him under his control. As a result of being moved back and do what he tells the mag. Other animals, because of their different perception of the world, feel the presence of the substance in the stranger and react to it accordingly. Therefore, being in someone else's body, magicians on animals try not to run.
After the liberation of the essence of the body being a magician and removing control over his mind, the creature does not remember anything about what it was doing and where you are at that time was controlled by a magician. At this time, it drops out of reality. Although in the case of the people when a person lets the magician in his consciousness of his own will, is possible and not full control of the magician of human consciousness. In this case the person, after the liberation of the consciousness of the magician, remembers everything that happened to him.
This method of conversion for the magician carries greater risk. At a time when the nature of the magician passes into another body, the magician becomes helpless before physical destruction of the body. While it will not return to the essence of the body, it is just an empty shell, which is not in a position to defend themselves. All the time of the magician in someone else's body as if his body is in a coma. It supports its existence, but if the mage is not a long time and the body is not receiving power, then it will cease maintenance of life, due to the lack of the necessary energy to it. If the magician's body dies, its essence is nowhere to go, and if he can not find a suitable body, then she goes to where they usually go away after death. To prevent this, under such transformations magician always leaves your body in a safe and well guarded place.

3) The third case is the separation of the astral-etheric bodies of the magician, which allows him to energetically travel the world. Since the etheric body binds the magician to a world in which it is located and is the intermediary between the energy being a magician and the material world, the magician takes the objects of the material world as well as recognize them, being in the physical body. He becomes a disembodied spirit, which is present in the material world, but he can not change anything in it. As such, communication magician with a person in the material world is only possible when a person sleeps, or the time of the Universe in the spirit of the magician of another person. This method has its appeal, because of the spirit can not be stopped no material obstacles and the speed of movement from one place to another is not subject to the laws of the material world.
Risk becoming in this way for the magician carries the same hazard as in the previous — no chance to return to his body. During the trip, the magician in the world in his astral-ethereal as its essence is associated with the body of air <cord>, which allows the magician at any time to return to his body, and is used for energizing the astral body from the physical. Damage or interruption of this "cord> lead to serious illness or death of a magician.

4) The modification of the second method of conversion. It differs in that the essence of the magician moves of his own making same being. (How and why an artificial creature such Golem).

5) The alchemical transmutation. Used for the conversion of one element into another. For example, iron into gold. Performed using the appropriate spells and does not necessarily require additional ingredients.

6) The illusion of transformation. By inducing illusions (spell) in the surrounding magnetic outwardly looks another creature or object, in this case, without changing its essence and nature. (About the shortcomings of this method, see <About Magicians> -> <Stealth>).

7) Identify the inner essence. If you look good, then each of us like an animal or a bird. Someone has to bear, someone on Fox, someone on the snake, and someone on the Wolf: It's not because of what we actually are these creatures. Just our inner world (nature, habits, desires, etc.) can be found in other similar creatures. If you're a big, slow, good-natured, then under the spell you become bear, cunning, clever and fast become a fox, young, clean and open — will be a young deer, etc.
This method of transformation reveals the inner essence of the person and find out whether he is <white and fluffy>, as currently stated, that Is he really who they say it is.

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