Poseidon Undersea Resorts — underwater hotel in 2 years

The company Poseidon Undersea Resorts has announced the completion of a project underwater hotel, to be built in the lagoon private island in Fiji. The construction of buildings to be completed in two years.

Located at a depth of 12 meters, the hotel is connected to the mainland by two aisles, equipped with elevators. The construction will consist of two parts. In one room to build a total area of 2,280 square meters. m, restaurant and bar. Admire the underwater species can be on submarine terraces, enclosed transparent plexiglass. On the other side will house a library, a spa, a large room of 102 square meters. m, a conference room, a chapel for weddings and theater scene.

We already know the cost of living in an underwater hotel. Visitors are encouraged to hold it for at least a week for 30 thousand dollars, according to Gizmag.



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