Prehistoric Park / Prehistoric park 6 movies watch online

Prehistoric Park / Prehistoric park 6 movies watch online
Thousands of animal species have disappeared from the face of the earth for millions of years of evolution. But what if you try to get them back to life and give them another chance of survival? Researcher feral nature and a great lover of adventure Nigel Markin is planning to do in the XXI century, its Prehistoric Park and settle its unprecedented residents. With the help of a time machine, he sails away to an extraordinary safari in the distant past of our planet, to explore the primitive animals. Nigel expect to meet with the most savage predators of the old world — Tyrannosaurus rex and saber-toothed tigers and rhinos and tremendous shaggy mammoths, cyclopean crocodiles and cave bears. Welcome to the Prehistoric Park!

1st series. T-Rex Returns. First mission is to save Nigel's disappearance from the 1st of the last dinosaurs.

2nd series. A Mammoth Undertaking. Nigel leaves at the Ice Age, where he will have a meeting with the hairy rhinoceros, grappling with a large cave bear. Also, he has to solve the mystery of the disappearance of mammoths.

Third series. Dino-Birds. Nigel vorachivaetsya 125 million years ago to look for unusual animal — malehankih dinosaur with 4 wings.

4th series. Saving The Sabretooth. The expedition sails away in the prehistoric South America in search of cyclopean carnivorous birds and saber-toothed cats.

5-series. The Bug House. Nigel vorachivaetsya 300 million years ago. Then there were no dinosaurs ruled the world of insects. The purpose of the zoologist — saving the biggest and most unsafe insects in Earth's history.

6-Series. Supercroc. Travel in the past 75 million years ago, for the sake of catching a huge crocodile that preyed on dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals

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