Procession for Freedom Day — on a compromise route

Representatives of political parties and movements, along with leaders of the Young Front agreed on the joint march for Freedom Day on March 25. The march of the democratic forces will be on the Yakub Kolas — Yanka Kupala Park.

On the eve of Minsk city executive committee were filed two applications for the street on March 25 — on a number of political parties and movements (the Movement "For Freedom", the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Party BCD and others), as well as moladvay unregistered organization Young Front. Today, however, the Organizing Committee for the Freedom Day with the participation of the Young decided to co-host a rally and march on Freedom Day, according to the Freedom leader of the Young Front Nikolai Demidenko:

Nikolai Demidenko

Vitaly Rymashevski

Lev Margolin

"In fact, it was our principled position on the fact that the Academy of Sciences, we will not be collected in order to close the entire national movement that imposes on the power, and we will carry out the action in the center of the city and where we want. And older friend had all are still considering it. "

Representatives of political parties and movements planned to organize the collection of the protesters in the square at the Academy of Sciences, followed by a march to Yanka Kupala park. Malady said another route — Freedom Square — Independence Square. Now a compromise: Yakub Kolas — Yanka Kupala Park, said one of the managers of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party Vitaly Rymashevski:

"It was my suggestion to compromise and give a new application. Its all supported and we managed to convince the young and the front — they are not only young, but also smart. And so a new application is submitted per share, and the two old will be withdrawn. Today our be a promise that we are able to sacrifice their ambitions for the common cause. "

The action of the democratic parties and movements will be held under the slogan "Freedom to political prisoners!", "Belarus will be free," "Sasha, go away!" And many other protest slogans.

One of the members of the organizing committee, the deputy chairman of the United Civil Party Lev Margolin"In today's environment, and the overall compromise solution is needed. After all, the main theme, which will be heard at this meeting — this is, of course, the topic of political prisoners. I do not think until March 25, they will all be on the loose, so This topic will be supreme. And of course, if it will sound together, it will be much better than it would be alone. "


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