Quantum Jumps Fifth Race to the energy-matrices Consciousness.

Following the end of 26,000 year cycle is coming a whole series of other "anniversaries". The constellation of the Pleiades, which includes the solar system ends its stay in orbit around the center of our galaxy, where it was stored for 230 million years. Finally, all of our Galaxy "Milky Way" is also completes the period of the rotation around the conditional center of our universe. These three global events will be completed by 2013, which is a new stage of the solar system, when there will be a Quantum Leap — the phenomenon of cosmic proportions, affecting not only the fate of human beings on our planet, but also the fate of billions of other planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes .

Note that each race (Civilization) repeats in its development transition matrices for previous levels. Therefore, the emergence of the Fifth Race begins with the first level of the matrix. Slave system corresponds to the matrix of the second level, the feudal — matrix of the third level, the capitalist — the matrix of the fourth level. The revolution of 1917 marked the transition of Russia to the matrix CONSCIOUSNESS fifth level. The formation of the Soviet Union in 1924, in line with the matrix of the sixth level. At the junction of XX and XXI centuries time "compressed" and the speed of transition from one space to another (from one matrix to another) increased: 1994 — matrix layer seven, 1999 — matrix of the eighth level, 2000 — Ninth-level matrix , in 2001 — the tenth level of the matrix, 2002 — Matrix eleventh level, 2003 — Matrix twelfth level.
Quantum transition Humanity on Earth twin in another parallel space

Fig. 3.2-2. Quantum transition Humanity on Earth twin in another parallel space
Now before the Earth with a spectacular opportunity to make a spiritual quantum leap — mass teleport humans SHOWER (more SVERHSUSCHNOSTEY people) in four-dimensional space to double our planet, which corresponds to the matrix of superconsciousness thirteenth level of the Sixth Race

This double can not be seen because it is in a different space-dimension (its frequency vibration functions — the higher harmonic vibrations of our three-dimensional world), but the effect of its gravity, we have to feel for a substantial increase in frequency of the noise, which in March 2005 had already reached 14.2 Hz. Our planet-double in four dimensions originally created thoughtforms Creator, but may vary due to our thoughts (Future multivariant).

Therefore, what would be the space depends on us, on our thinking. We have the right of will and choice — and we can make your future Hell or Paradise. The plan is of great importance for any negative withdrawal restrictions and diverse harmonious development of every person, as these programs will determine our future. As the focus of the lens or mirror there is a great concentration of energy, which is then at high speed can be transmitted over long distances, and at the quantum transition is gathering a critical mass of human consciousness and their subsequent distribution in space.

In other words, after the critical point of the transition (similar focus mirrors e in Fig. 3.2-3) mankind instantly pass through this point in the four-dimensional space through the looking glass. The transition point is at the same time, a smooth surface, where the energy is changing its polarity reversed. This is the change of poles and instantaneous quantum transition. It is known that one space is separated from the other mirrored surfaces, which provide the necessary polarity energy. At its core, the mirror — it meanders — slide Shift while connecting and separating different spaces matter. Note that the human eye is a system of lenses and mirrors, and we do not see the real world, but only his mirror image. As Leonardo da Vinci said, "The one who loses sight loses vision of the universe and becomes similar to the buried alive, still moving and breathing in his grave. Can you not see that the eye embraces the beauty of the world?

He is Mr. astronomy, he directs all the arts and helps them develop … It manages all the departments of mathematics and sciences with all the most infallible. "Currently, our planet is a smooth transition of the poles and the quantum transition in four-dimensional space will be up to 19 December 2012. No coincidence that the Mayan calendar ends with the year 2012, which means" the end of times "(cycles). then our civilization will have a five-dimensional space corresponding to the matrix of Awareness level 21. Next we move on to the six-dimensional space on the matrix level 34, thus completely rid your consciousness of coarse energies lower astral sub-planes. This transition to higher levels NadOsoznaniya and Knowledge. Humanity to a radical change of thinking, which will assess the evolution with time and position in the multidimensional approach.

Earth will become one of the planets ever implemented a quantum transition in higher dimensions, going not only naturally, but also entirely using the methods of accelerated evolution. March 21, 2003 our planet precession point came in the 30th degree of the constellation Aquarius. From this point on the Earth is the very New Age, which will last 2160 years. We are on the threshold of global changes of human consciousness — its transition to a higher level of awareness and knowledge.

Our view of the world and the outlook on life has changed dramatically. It's time of great changes, mentioned by VI Vernadsky. It is known that any radical changes occur as a result of the conflict, collision polarities. Earthlings to push to a qualitative transformation of consciousness will not only ethnic and religious divisions, natural disasters, but also the processes of transmutation — the changes in the body at all levels.

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