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Does the scientific basis of the theory of the end of the world or just another horror story any commercial interest? December 21, 2012, many people associated with the death of the Earth. But there is another version … Our planet will not die, there will be instantaneous transition of humanity into a new energy state. Will this jump a terrible ordeal for the people?

Human needs year after year, continually growing. People are running after profits, and pay no attention to the harm they cause to the environment. The race for profit has become, in essence, an idol of the economy. Mankind is destroying the environment itself is suffering from it. Already, the world began to take place incredible things: abnormal winter, the earthquake in Haiti, the awakening of dormant volcanoes, falling birds, stranded charred dolphins and other marine creatures and outbreaks of deadly diseases. People live properly and revel in their permissiveness, spending more and more experiments. In addition to the waste of resources, and even conducted numerous experiments: in the field of genetics, physics, medicine, …

But how it can turn into? On the eve of 2012, many people began to think about the fact whether they have lived all this time, look for answers to questions on philosophical topics and talk about the need for an immediate end to "bullying" over nature. But is not it too late?

There are many versions of the end of the world. Perhaps, it is the burning topic for today. And one of the most interesting version is the "great leap forward", also known as quantum leap. Under quantum leap in physics mean instantaneous transition of the quantum system, that is, atoms, molecules, nuclear and solid from one state to another or from one energy level to another. With quantum jump is like a state of clinical death, when the soul leaves the human body, and then back again.

So, what is the theory of the quantum leap? According to supporters of this theory, during the great land will jump into a new, fourth dimension (sometimes called the sixth), a new stage of evolution.

Transition to a new stage in the evolution phenomenon called when any celestial body makes a transition from one dimension to another. For example, from the third to the fourth. It is assumed that now make the transition to be inter-dimensional world, with all its inhabitants. How did this happen? There are versions!

One of the versions that this contributes Hadron Collider. This structure is the accelerator of charged particles, and is designed to accelerate protons and lead ions, as well as the study of the products of their accents. Collider under Lyndon Evans, on the border of France and Switzerland. It is the largest experimental facility in the world. The project includes over ten thousand scholars, and none of them can answer clearly what effect, this can have on people and animals. Such experiments caused great concern, but, nevertheless, do not stop. Natural curiosity of scientists has an irresistible force, and sometimes may even be stronger than fear. Moreover, apart from curiosity, there are other factors, pushing everything to the new and new experiences.

Although, of course, there are large groups of people that are set firmly on the matter and calls for an immediate stop the Hadron Collider. It is believed that the plant forms a special magnetic field is comparable to the third magnetic pole that is destroying the earth and matrix influences many unexplained processes that occur in nature, or they can occur. Correlation was seen between the behavior and the frequent outbreaks of the sun, between the work of the unit and the worsening state of the people, etc. And the worst of these "alleged" effects — the Apocalypse. Some attribute global catastrophe with this device. Can the action Hadron Collider accelerate the "transition" and what happens with humans at this time?

It is believed that the beginning of the transition will be a fall or weakening strength of the magnetic field of the Earth, followed by a global destruction of our civilization, and, eventually, there will come the last stage. It is worth noting that the stress release people start to feel right now. Throughout the world, more frequent complaints of malaise, dizziness and headaches of unknown origin. Perhaps further improvements should not wait.

Thus, the duration of the final stage will last about three months, although it may take up to two or even years. During this time, will be the collapse of all possible ground-based systems, including social systems and political power. Due to the weakening of the geomagnetic field of the Earth, all people will not function properly in the body. They will experience physical ailments and mental disorders will "go crazy", to rapidly lose memory, and as a result, make unpredictable actions (eg sharply increase the level of violence, could unleash a war, etc.)

After that mankind will go to the final segment of its path. It only takes five to six hours, just before the "jump." It will be a very, very strange time period when all on what that moment will return to their seats. Nobody could miss the start of a new round, or to doubt it. All around, a familiar yet, begins rapidly change color and shape. The air will float monstrous red mist that will permanently change its color, turning it yellow, then purple, then blue. And then, quite suddenly, the fog lifts, and all around, including humans and animals, will look as if made of incredibly transparent gold. Some time later, transparent gold will increasingly fade and darken as long as there will be nothing but all-consuming darkness. At this point, the displacement of the axis of the Earth.

What will happen to the people? People fall into the void. A "pass" between dimensions. In this state, mankind will stay for three days, which will seem like an eternity, "enhance" the fear of the unknown and the pitch darkness. And then will be flying. The flight to the final death or rebirth.

Some people believe that the body will remain as tight in this new dimension, but with that many do not agree. Hardly anyone will be able to see the "change" a man, even if he returns to the ground. Instead of the human body will be presented to the lump of, containing a minimal amount of substance. Moreover, in the new era will be another time. As measured by earthly minutes, then a minute there will be equal to a few hours.

Why this change? There is a theory according to which the gods of the people left on the ground to watch the can they exist independently. But, apparently, the man could not cope with their confidence and need help.

People can not draw a parallel between good and evil, do not know why they live and who they are in reality, and, in the majority, do self-destruction. Moreover, all this is happening in the "own" invented within that limit freedom in all its manifestations. People are forced to act "within" and to think "within." They save up for years inside the discomfort caused by the suppression of the protest, and no sense of responsibility to nature for their actions.

Because the gods have only one option — to finish with a failed experiment and move people to another dimension, to rise above the material and establish harmony in the universe.

In essence, there will be a kind of natural selection. Since untrained people can not get into a new dimension. Such people simply die, or even to move, or in the process. Survive only those who managed to acquire new properties inherent in another dimension, whose soul is clean and ready for discovery.

Because we have to live so as to best preserve its internal energy, which is necessary for making a quantum leap. A new measurement of the energy is no longer needed. People acquire new qualities and properties. Wealth is no longer exist. But it is also possible that the new measure would be no people. Will only animals that do not deserve death, in contrast to the so-called humanity.

It remains only to sum up a little: According to academic research, the man — an intermediate form, which means — this version has the full right to exist. One person can be dissolved in the continuous evolution of the circle and was replaced by a more highly and maybe it will happen very soon — in 2012, which can be called the year of the end of the world or the great quantum leap. Meanwhile, the transition is a lengthy process! It is believed that he did not start this year, as many say, and already, at least in 1986, when there was a rise of vibration of the Earth, and it will last for as long as it take, is still the slightest hope of "enlightenment" at least one person. Description of the transition is a great set! Some sources frankly frightening, others — comfort and calm, assuring that everything will be fine, and even unnoticed. Some threaten humanity all possible disasters, which will be lost at least a third of the earth dwellers, others argue that people just go to sleep in one dimension and wake up in a different.
And despite the fact that the transition is all sources describe in their own way, sometimes decorating their own conjectures and colorful detail, it is always one and the same: the improvement of life, enhancement of the human body and mind, increase the level of intelligence and the work of feelings, harmony and happiness.

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