Release. (12 Films) Full Movie

Release.  (12 Films) Full Movie
"Release"- A series of documentary films maybe," Star "on operatsiyax offensive of the Red Army during the Russian war majestically.

1 East Prussian operation. Exploration

2 Gumbinnenskaya offensive

3-Insterburgsko Konigsberg offensive

4 Vistula-Oder operation. Breakthrough

5 Vistula-Oder operation. Development

6 Vistula-Oder operation. End

7 Mlavsko-Elbingskaya offensive

8-Rastenburgsko Heylsbergskaya offensive

9 East Pomeranian Offensive

10 Braunsbergskaya offensive

11 Konigsberg offensive

12 Samland offensive

13 Lvov-Sandomierz Offensive


14 Jassy-Kishinev Offensive


15 Belgrade Offensive.


16 Debrecen offensive operation


17 Budapest Offensive


18 East Carpathian offensive


19 West-Carpathian Offensive


20 Moravian Ostrava offensive


21 The Bratislava-Brnovskaya offensive


22 Balaton defensive operation


23 The Vienna Offensive


24 Lower Silesian Offensive


25 Upper Cilezskaya offensive


2nd Global war

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