Released on the market, budget GLONASS terminal FORT-111M

The company "Fort-Telecom" (Perm) — a developer and provider of GLONASS / GPS vehicle monitoring systems, people and stationary objects, introduced to the market a new version of the mobile terminal GLONASS FORT-111M, designed for budgetary control of commercial vehicles.


The solution is presented in the lower price range than the main line of products that allow owners of commercial vehicles to monitor the operation of its fleet without major costs. The new model FORT-111M ideal for companies involved in logistics, transportation and retail, which are not required to comply with additional conditions when equipped with navigation equipment transport.

In the terminal, based on all the features that allow companies to monitor key parameters of their vehicles. By FORT-111M can be connected to 8 fuel level sensors, digital temperature sensors may be collecting data from CAN-bus vehicle. Also the possibility of identifying the key drivers for IButton cards and RFID. Monitoring modules are available without a built-in rechargeable battery, but are suitable for the implementation of most projects due to the availability of convenient FAKRA-connectors, interfaces, RS-485, CAN and 1-wire. The terminals are in a plastic case, which occurs due to a further reduction in cost, and their weight does not exceed 130 grams.

As with all terminals manufactured by "Fort-Telecom», FORT-111M is reliable supply chains. In addition to testing the level of protection against over-voltage, three-terminal was tested in a heat chamber and on a vibrating table in the technical laboratory "Fort-Telecom". Tests showed that the GLONASS FORT-111M has a wide input voltage range and can withstand short-term jumps up to 100V, which is especially important when fitted with different types of transport in Russia.

FORT-111M terminals are open-protocol and support the transfer of data to the various types of software developed by third parties. Software FortMonitor, integrated with all kinds of terminals FORT, supplied free of charge.

More on the new terminal FORT-111M on the product page:


The company "Fort-Telecom" — developer and provider of M2M technology: the GLONASS / GPS vehicle monitoring systems, people and stationary objects. And actively developing additional areas of activity — construction equipment for non-performing networks and IP-surveillance solutions in the field of telecommunications.

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