Repeated interrogations. Threat. Layoffs

On repeated questioning by the KGB and the police cause some opposition activists in the regions. "Liberty" also received complaints about the lawsuits and dismissals.

Vitebsk Region

Activist Tamara Karizna questioned about Alexei Mikhalevich

Tamara Karizna

Vitebsk Regional Directorate of the KGB called an activist of the movement "For Freedom" Karizna Tamara, who during the election campaign of the candidate to work in a team of Alexei Mikhalevich.

Karizna"They called've probably several days. Their number is not defined. So I was ready. And then they said that I did not come, it would have taken themselves from work or from home. Agenda then also given already at the entrance. It says that the call as a witness. As a trustee of Alexei Mikhalevich in the Vitebsk region. Interrogated for two hours our employees, but on the orders of the Minsk KGB. "

Tamara Karizna status witness outraged: she was not in Minsk on December 19. Then the conversation drifted to the investigator Alexei Mikhalevich campaign activities. No other details of the activist said, as have signed a secrecy of the investigation.

The head of the electoral headquarters of Andrei Sannikov dismissed

Vladislav Voronetsky

Vladislav Voronetsky, head of the Vitebsk election headquarters of Andrei Sannikov, was interrogated by the KGB twice. February 17 he was fired from his job. The guy was doing on the Vitebsk factory electrical appliances:

"I was summoned to the head. I come from it and just leave the police officer, Major. He still looked at me, smiled and said, "Well, come on …" I went, and I boss says, "I warned you, that to me were interviewed about you. And I do not want problems to themselves or to you. Zvolnissya you, and will be no problems. And so — he saw to I came back … "" Well, — I say — I understand. " Documents issued very quickly, in just two hours — and fired. "

Mr. Voronetsky says that the foreman had warned even before the dismissal. But waited until the guy, part-time students will return to the session. Now activist will have to find a new job, and for the second time in recent months. Just before the election campaign Vladislav Voronetsky fired from the transport company "Natalie", where he worked as a taxi driver. As he then explained, "the opposition at work are not wanted."

Grodno region

Novogrudskaya activists refused to testify in the KGB

On Thursday, the continued challenges in the KGB BCD activists of Navagrudak. Daria and Yury Kazak Bahar refused to testify without the presence of the investigator with their trustee. Activists said that such a right guaranteed by the Constitution of Belarus them.

An activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Daria Bahar came to the KGB proxy Tatiana Kochegurov and the Constitution of Belarus, as it did yesterday Kochegurov Vladimir and Sergei Volcheck.

The situation repeated itself as yesterday, the KGB suggested that the trustee left the office, but Daria Bahar zatsytavala them articles of the Constitution and said that he would not testify without a trustee.

Bahar"To this they replied to me that they can not take testimony, and witnesses were called to the office, so that they have witnessed, I refused to testify. I, in turn, in the minutes of unfinished that KGB officers refused to take testimony in the presence of my attorney. "

The result is a strange situation: the members of the BCD come on call, and the KGB did not take testimony, referring to the fact that they can not do that in the presence of authorized representatives.

Victor Sazonov

Human rights activist from Grodno Victor Sazonov, Commenting on the situation, said that by and large all these calls are held with a purpose — to intimidate local activists, as the situation is, in his opinion, and so all is clear enough:

"By and large, there is nothing to ask. If a person and cause, it is not to know the truth, for it, and so well known. And so the question in the presence of a person who has the status of human rights defender who will sit and listen, and then tell you that asked some crap does not come out. "

A similar situation now exists inYury Kazak. He went to the KGB, Vladimir Kachaguru.


The region has been questioned more than 30 people

Members of the security organs of Brest were questioned by some participants in the Plaza several times. In addition to questioning by the KGB, also conducted preventive conversations. They are arranged by prosecutors, police. A total of Brest questioned more than 30 people.

Human rights activist from Baranavichy Sergei Housha filed a complaint about the actions of the KGB. According to a lawyer during interrogation were violated articles of the Constitution:

Sergei Housha

"I wanted it to me in the interrogation attended my representative. But the KGB was not given that opportunity. Therefore, I believe their actions are illegal and filed a complaint. Now waiting for an answer, it is possible that I will apply in the court, "- said" Freedom "lawyer Sergei Housha.

Some participants in the Plaza, except interrogation by the KGB, was summoned to talk to the prosecutor, the police, the department for combating organized crime, the police visited the district to carry out preventive conversation. Kasia Syaldevskaya says that on the whole it's hard to say how many were questioning the past two months:

"I am very tired of it. The number of interviews and conversations with the police, if you take the time of detention in the Square, a really huge. Once left for a prison sentence, the interrogations continued. There were a lot of them. "

Representatives of civil society organizations in Brest hold shares of solidarity with the detainees. On Vladimir Wujek, chairman of the "Young Democrats" in the Brest region, depending on the technical capabilities of the distribution of information leaflets carried out on detained in the square:

"We were holding a" Freedom to political prisoners. " At the entrance door, stops raskleyvalisya leaflets with relevant content. In total, we have distributed about 200 leaflets. Unfortunately, there is no longer enough resources. "

February 19 — prayer for political prisoners

Brest believers responded to the call to February 19 general prayer for political prisoners.

Believer of the Greek Catholic Church of Brest Igor Baranovsky"We're going to pray for Belarus, for those who are now in prison, who are waiting for the verdict. Let us pray that the sentence was fair, and not to please someone. Therefore it is a form of prayer for the country, for the wisdom of the leaders, for those who are suffering. "

In Brest, today launched the suit of the newspaper "The Banner of Youth" former correspondent Ales Levchuk. Also expected to consider a court case against the detainee in the central square on
December 19 last year Constantine Turchynyaka, came out of the white-red-white flag as a sign of support for the events on the Square in Minsk.

Ales Liauchuk near the court of the Moscow district of Brest

Gomel Oblast

Met with representatives of the OSCE — warned of discrediting Belarus

Svetlana Mikhalchanka

In Svetlagorsk department of the KGB interrogated as a witness about a protest on December 19 in Minsk on Independence Square, head of the district organizations of the Left "Fair World" Svetlana Mikhalchanka.

Due to bad leg Mrs. Svetlana difficult to move, so security officers specially came to her home to take in for questioning by KGB security officer Sergei Podolyaka.

Mikhalchanka"They are trying, perhaps, to intimidate the leaders of political parties, to sow fear among the people so that they do not engage in more political issues. I'm so out of their mouths I heard that, they say, provocation — it's the handiwork of the opposition, which wanted sanctions have been imposed. "

Mikhalchanka says she was in Minsk on December 19 only on October Square. When the demonstrators marched on Independence Square, it was 300 meters, and then turned and went to stay with relatives as a bad leg.

For a peaceful rally in the square Mikhalchanka treated as and film director Victor Dashuk in the publication, "Come with me on a holiday …", placed in the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" February 8:

"I Gave him the newspaper" Narodnaya Volya "where a great article Dashuk director. I said: "My position is completely identical to the position." And as I say, you all are interested in and think that all the fools around and not doing what is needed, and so people are not stupid, and he gives all the answers, not just questions on December 19. "

In Rogachev local security officers questioned a member of the UCP Vladimir Tamkovich, who coordinated the work of observers in the elections and had relations with the OSCE representatives.

Tomkovich"The aim was — to warn me about the consequences for discrediting the Republic of Belarus. They gave me the relevant article to read. They knew that the square I was not, and was an observer. They knew that filed complaints about the vote count. Interested in them and a meeting with representatives of the OSCE group. About the same time they also knew. Therefore, the warning ".


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