Resident of Chelyabinsk region come from the future SMS


Mystical phenomena are happening with the phone Anatoly Grishin about a month ago. In his birthday with an unknown number came a message consisting of the characters.

It was a date — January 1, 2040. Since then, every few days yuzhnouraltsev unknown sender sends the message from the future, who can not yet explain. Anatoly decided to turn to psychics.

When the guy came first SMS, he did not pay attention. The message was deleted and its content is forgotten. You never know who could make a joke and try to scare by the character code and knocked date. But when they came to the second, third, fourth message from the distant 2040, Anatoly thought, I do not warn him out of the future about something important.

The guy kept every letter and tried to decipher using the computer, but only managed to recognize the individual characters that resemble letters of the alphabet. Overall meaning of the message eluded Anatolia. And then, just in case a student asked the service provider.

— I called the operator and asked where these SMS, thinking maybe it is a trick. It turned out that these messages are not making it into the database, as if I do not get. I offered to change the phone. After that, I did not come long SMS, and after a month it was reported again, this time the characters are the numbers, and the date changed to 2042 — told the website "The first regional" Anatoly Grishin.

Yuzhnouralets tried to punch the phone number from which the messages are coming, but no one statement he did not appear. Perhaps Anatoly and would no longer be interested in paranormal activity your mobile, but soon noticed that after the arrival of SMS with him into trouble. For instance, one of the messages as if warned the guy that he gets into an accident.

To calculate his mysterious benefactor, Yuzhnouralets turned to a psychic. Clairvoyant tried to assume an aura of phone cards spread her, tried to see the future of Anatolia, and after much research, said: anything paranormal in an SMS from the distant 2040 no. Most likely, according to the psychic, someone from the friends of relatives Anatolia able to travel into the future.

— Someone saw Anatolia in the future and is now trying to save him. For people who have visited in the future, acts installation — not all can be seen to disclose. Since man, knowing Anatolia, is trying to save him, but has no right to tell it in a direct dialogue, it tries to apply certain signals through SMS. If we translate these symbols in an accessible language, Anatolia give a ban on harmful habits to become in this life worthy of man and not to be like an animal — said the site "The first regional" psychic Oksana. — Definitely, I see that it's not so paranormal, as far as it might seem. It involved going on a human hand.

Clairvoyant also saw that on the heart of Anatolia — a great loss. Man himself has admitted that some time ago killed his friend, who was involved in motorsports. And now Grishin projects over his identity.

— I thought that this warning from the future. And guess what it comes to lifestyle. The psychic told me that I still remember the loss of a loved one. He was involved in motor racing, I still remember it all, remember the accident. And I try to be passionate about the same things he did. I think the warnings associated with it, — Said Anatoly.

Now the young man who had recently returned from the army to revise his views on life and try to change something. And the sender of SMS from the future he would try to treat with understanding and care.

It is worth noting that the reports of the coming years has received many other people. Their experience they are trying to share the internet. Interestingly, the dates for each of them changing. Someone wrote in 2023, someone — in 2080. All posts are united by one: they are written in an unknown and non-readable language that can not be deciphered by technical means. Some users have found an explanation for this.

— On Earth, at that time, there will be another language, but it is not in the phone, because the characters of the language he can not read, — Suggested destinations.

Skeptics, in turn, drew attention to the fact that there is something in common among themselves and recipients of mysterious messages. All the phones they own the same company, and even if you change the unit still choose among models of the company. This means that the messages from the future may prove to be a simple system failure.

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