Revenue from non-nuclear fuel elements of production for the year grew by 2 billion rubles

At the end of 2012 the amount of revenue from the sale of non-nuclear products and services businesses Fuel Company "TVEL" was 15.877 billion rubles. (For comparison, in 2011 — 13.898 billion rubles.).
The positive dynamics of growth is related to the active development of innovative non-nuclear businesses.
In 2012, as part of a chemical complex at the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant of the project "The cathode material" received a patent on the production technology of nanometer composite cathode material, as well as the technology of synthesis of cathode material in accordance with the Company "Liotech" (Project Company "RUSNANO ") and the pre-production batch of material.

The "Cathode Materials" implemented by OJSC "NPCC" together with JSC "Industrial Innovation" and JSC "RUSNANO". The aim of this project is to develop import-substituting manufacturing cathode material based on iron phosphate lithium for lithium-ion batteries with an annual production capacity of 3,500 tons by 2015.
In 2012, was drafted and approved the concept of establishing the branch center of metallurgy (OCM) on the basis of "CMP". Under the "OCM" is working on the production of various alloys for nuclear power, aviation, defense industry and shipbuilding. In particular, the acceptance tests of the party finned tubes made of titanium with spiral ribs with cold lay-based Central Research Institute "Prometheus". Under contract with ValMetEngineering (India) made the first batch (500 kg) of titanium rods.
In 2012, JSC "CMP", under the "OCM" was a technical project design documentation and a pilot plant for the production of "pellets" of zirconia in the amount of 3 tons per year, as well as agreements for the supply and installation of equipment, the main part of which was delivered in 2012. "Granules" stabilized zirconia scandium, used for the manufacture of components of solid oxide fuel cells, as well as technical ceramic products for various purposes. In addition, as part of the first phase of the project to create a practical separation of production of rare earth elements (REE) was commissioned a pilot plant for separation of rare earth concentrate and collective obtained samples of neodymium oxide. In the future, the resulting product can be used in the metallurgical and chemical industries, as well as in the production of general-purpose magnets.
Also in 2012, Plant electrochemical converters (LLC "EPZ" is a subsidiary affiliated company of JSC "Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant") developed a technical proposal on the sample stand-alone power source for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), and accessories are manufactured and tested components of electrochemical generators for SOFC in mode "cogeneration" in this power plant can achieve 80-85% efficiency compared with conventional generators.
In JSC "CMP", under the "Superconducting Materials" (SPM) were made two qualifying games (collectively — 3000 kg) of superconducting wire for magnetic resonance imaging. Prizvodstvo SPM enables the use of existing high-tech potential of CMP for new high-end projects in the country — medical, aerospace, power generation, exploration, water, air and rail transport.
As part of the development of machine-building complex was a joint production of electricity meters and heat on the basis of JSC "HPE" Tochmash ". In addition, the non-nuclear part of the development of production and the effective use of available production space in OAO "VPO Tochmash" with the support of the Administration Vladimir region continued implementation of the project for the industrial park. To date, the industrial area of VPO "Tochmash" contains more than 30 residents who occupy about 60 thousand square meters. m area. Among the residents — four subsidiaries: OOO "Tochmash-Auto" (the production of components for the leading automakers), LLC "Stankomash" (production of machines and equipment), LLC "IF" Pioneer "(the production of tools, molds, dies) Ltd "Promparkservis" (space rental, repair and maintenance of the infrastructure of the enterprise). In 2012, the concept of establishing a similar industrial park in Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk region.

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