RFID-sensor. You do not want to wear the devils mark — out of school.

Schoolgirl from Texas suspended from school for refusing to wear a special identification card with radiochipom determining the location. According to the girls, this device hurt her religious sentiments, as is the "devil's mark" and violates the right to privacy.

A girl named Andrea Hermandes studying in a school in the city of San Antonio, was deeply shocked by the decision of the administration to oblige students to wear identification cards with RFID-sensor (radio frequency identification). Andrea tried to fight for their freedom, distributing leaflets at school, calling to refuse to carry sensors, but has made only that it was removed from school, reports TechCrunch.

The school administration and many parents are satisfied with the new technology. Now you can always trace the child visited a school or not. Especially meticulous moms and dads can even include SMS notifications on every input and output of the child from the door of the school.

According to school officials, the innovation significantly improves attendance and performance. In addition, the school placed 200 cameras, so that "Big Brother" will control the behavior of students within the school walls, even when there is no teacher.

Initially, the use of ID cards was not mandatory, but the school administration tried to do everything to students without radiochipov feel uncomfortable: to vote in school elections allowed only with the help of these cards, then enter input on the cards in the school library. Protesting against the new school rules Andrea Hermandes city became a celebrity.

In an interview with the parents InfoWars Andrea said: "Our daughter refuses to wear that label, because it represents Satan, the mark of the Beast. This is the Lord warned us in his revelations. "

It should be noted that, despite the wide response card system in the school is unlikely to be canceled. The Department of Education has invested in the project is more than half a million dollars and is not going to stop it because of the insult to religious feelings of one of the schoolgirls.

As might be expected, the case has already managed to get to court. The jury sided with the girl and lifted the ban on going to school without an ID card.


Or in America quite bad with kids, just have to keep complete control over them, or the government has decided to teach a person to the fact that he was officially monitored from early childhood. And it looks like here is more in the last …


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