Romanian physicist warns that the December 21, 2012 the frequency of vibration of the Earth will be a record

The secret of the so-called end of the world is that on December 21 the frequency of vibration of the Earth will reach a record high — 12.6 — 12.8 Hz. People who are able to "tune in" to this frequency will benefit spiritually. This statement was made by the Romanian physicist Dinke Anka, the inventors in the field of biology, winner VI Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments in 2006, according to "New Region", with reference to the Romanian edition Clic.

While Romanian physicist argues that the world will not end.

"Relax, eat, drink and walk with the family. So, you celebrating, the most beautiful Apocalypse "- he says.

In his view, it is important to be in what place on December 21. Physicists say that in Romania there are certain areas that are affected by the negative energy, while others are protected by the "good spirits." Depending on where you will be a man in this day, his life will change for the better or worse, scientists believe.

"It would be nice if people knew the place, rich with positive energy. Fortunately, in this country very well in this respect, Romania — the only country in the world with all forms of relief in such a small area, "- he said.

Other Romanian edition — Jurnalul national — arguing on the popular theme of the end of the world, quotes an Indian Christian missionary Sundar Singh, that a hundred years ago predicted that Romania will become in the end the most important spiritual center of humanity, and the new Jerusalem will be Bucharest.

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