Rostov-Groundhog longevity will not wake up for the prediction of spring

Rostov zoo staff will not wake a groundhog to predict the timing of the spring, so as not to disturb its biological rhythms, told RIA Novosti deputy director Irina Gribanova zoo.

Until the mid-80s of the XIX century, Groundhog Day was just a sign of, but since 1887 it has become a tradition for the U.S. holiday. Legend of the holiday has it that if a cloudy day, the groundhog sees its shadow, and leaves a hole, which means — winter will soon end. On a sunny day sitting in a groundhog hole, and so there will be six more weeks of winter.

According Gribanovo in their lives for the zoo-aged marmot marmot, which is much larger than the spread in America. He is in deep hibernation.

"Of course, no one to bother him to be … The Americans made this a happy holiday. Marmots have other, they may like that they pull out and wake up, and we with our venerable old groundhog prodelyvat this will not" — said the agency interlocutor.

She added that "we have a nation that respects the elders and order in all things."

In addition, she said, would be a young groundhog, it still would not wake up, because the animal from being violated biological rhythms.

"Put marmot winter sleep, he sleeps with us … If we wake marmot or a bear, which we too are in hibernation, the animal then it will feel awful, will not understand what's going on" — explained Gribanova.

She also noted that the tradition of the spring to determine the proximity of the behavior of marmots must be taken with humor and irony.

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