RUSNANO revenue has doubled over the past year

"RUSNANO" opened its financial statements for 2012 in accordance with the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS). Revenues for the period amounted to 6.0 billion rubles, compared with 2.7 billion for the period from 11 March 2011 to 31 December 2011 ("RUSNANO" was created through the reorganization of the Civil Code "Nanotechnologies" Mar. 11, 2011).

In line with its mission — to build a competitive Russian nanotechnology industry — RUSNANO in 2012 invested in projects of about 33 billion rubles. The same amount the company attracted to the sector by private co-investors. Proceeds from the sale of nano-engineering companies RUSNANO has more than doubled, and amounted to 23.4 billion rubles, compared with 11.3 billion rubles in 2011.


In 2012, RUSNANO has approved the financing of 16 new projects with a total budget of 99.2 billion rubles, including co-financing by the company in the amount of 29.7 billion rubles.

Were first made successful exits from previously funded projects. RUSNANO out of the three companies (LLC "Ruskhimbio", LLC "NTOIRE-Pole", JSC "Center for Advanced Technologies"), and partly from one project worth more than 2 billion rubles.

In 2012, RUSNANO has opened 16 new productions in different regions of Russia, including:

  • CJSC "NEVZ-CERAMICS" (Novosibirsk), the industrial production of nano-structured ceramics;
  • OOO "Russian quartz" (Kishtim), production of high-purity quartz concentrates;
  • Ltd. "Store of the Future" (Moscow), the development and implementation of technologies based on RFID to reduce costs in the retail sector;
  • ZAO "Elvis-NEOTEK" (Zelenograd), the production of intelligent network cameras, the creation of a system chip design center of ultra-high degree of integration;
  • Ltd. "The PCT-Invent"(St. Petersburg), the production of domestic korpusirovannyhRFID tags and RFID-equipment;
  • CJSC "Metaclay" (Karachi), the production of modified nanosilicates and polymer nanocomposite materials of new generation;
  • The group of companies "Plakart"(St. Petersburg, Naberezhnye Chelny), a network of production centers for applying functional coatings for various industries;
  • Ltd. "GemaKor" (Moscow), the production of diagnostic devices and disposable cuvettes for the diagnosis of bleeding disorders.

RUSNANO created in Rossiinauchno-issledovatelskietsentry with Selecta American companies in the pharmaceutical and Quantenna in wireless networks of new generation. These centers will be developed key components for the production of future innovative products.

Net loss in 2012, excluding the created reserves amounted to 2.5 billion, a decrease of 0.5 billion, compared with last year. The company also had to book a 21.8 billion rubles on the possible reduction in the value of assets. About 65% of this amount are strategic investments in projects in the field of alternative energy. The development of this industry in Russia will create its own vysokotehnologichnuyunauchno-proizvodstvennuyubazu, new jobs, and solve the problem of power supply in remote areas, in which the total population of over 20 million people.

About 15% of the funds reserved for a possible reduction in the value of assets attributable to investments in the creation of new technologies in the field of plastic electronics.

In order to improve in 2012, RUSNANO launched the restructuring process, the aim of which is to increase the efficiency of the company, strengthening the competencies associated with the management of investments in high-tech manufacturing assets, the approach of the management structure of the company to an investment fund.

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