Russian Emergency Situations Minister peresyadet with Yak-42 AN-148

NDva AN-148, which will go to the end of the year in the Russian Emergencies Ministry, will be used as the new Air Staff of the Minister Sergei Shoigu. Now these tasks are performed airliners obsolete Yak-42 with a special communication on board. Previously it was assumed that the AN-148 for rescue departments will be built exclusively in the specialized medical performance.

— One of the functions of the aircraft, in addition to medical and evacuation — is the command post of the minister or the head of Emergency Task Force — said, "Izvestia", the director of the Federal State Unitary Aviation Enterprise MES Rafael Zakirov.

According to the government contract, MES will receive two 148-100EM, which can be used both for passengers and for the evacuation of the injured, told "Izvestia" in the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

The base case in aircraft passenger cabins are equipped with a separate compartment for a first-person ministry. In this design it is possible to ship its rapid conversion to medical evacuation version, equipped with 2-6 removable modules with medical equipment. Possible mixed cabin configuration — for simultaneous transport of passengers and wounded. This will allow a prompt delivery of Emergency crews at the scene and evacuate casualties.

In the KLA refused to comment on the issues related to special purpose aircraft.

It is known, however, that for the first-person telephone and internet access, each of the two An-148 will be equipped with special stations of satellite communications to a total value of 60 million rubles. In the coming Monday, March 26, MOE will summarize the public tender for the supply of the device.

An aircraft station should be installed international satellite communications Inmarsat, said in the tender documentation. For the Internet to be delivered rugged notebook complete with a portable scanner and printer. There are also original claim. For example, in the "main passenger cabin" should be set one phone and one computer sockets, colors which should match the color performance of the interior of the cabin.

To ensure uninterrupted satellite communication while parked aircraft avionics suite to include subscriber station Iridium. Curiously, this statement today do not have a license Ministry of Communications, and the terminals are not certified in Russia. Operation of aircraft station may be authorized only if the country will be built station is provided by Iridium and control over communications. In the meantime, Iridium does not allow the government to monitor calls.

In the MOE, meanwhile, argue that the frequency of the Iridium has been allocated and the proper equipment is allowed to be imported into the country.

— Who created the operator Iridium Rus, which to perform their duties must obtain a license from the Ministry of Communications. To do this, he needs to fulfill the requirements of SORM (System of search operations) to special services if necessary, to listen to the frequency — told "Izvestia", deputy chief of the Office of Information Security Emergency Alexander Zolotarev.

According to him, the Ministry of Communications license to a new operator can get in early June of this year.

Such a communication system with the complete bundle, including all cables, installation works, testing equipment, conducting ground and flight tests, certification tests can cost about $ 700 million, said Sergey Perov, a company ZAO "MVS Global Telecommunications" (representation in Inmarsat Russian).

Last Thursday, a commission headed by Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Alexander Chupriyanom was at the Voronezh aircraft factory in order to monitor the progress of work on the construction ordered by the An-148. According to preliminary data from the Ministry, receiving the first aircraft is expected on November 1, the second — up to December 30 this year.

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