RYNO — unicycle technology of the future

Ryno Motors created a totally unique form of transport to which this can be seen only in a world of fantasy and gaming. Taking the idea of the Segway scooter, and they turned out great one-wheeled hybrid called RYNO.

While working on batteries, having a powerful program of balancing and controlling the movement of this kind of technology will not allow the driver to fall off it.

One-wheeled vehicle powered by batteries can travel at speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour, and can be parked anywhere for free. RYNO was developed by Ryno Motors from Portland to help drivers avoid traffic congestion and eliminate the need to pay for parking.

RYNO works as segways — the driver has to lean forward to accelerate, and lean back to slow down. But unlike the Segway, a scooter is also equipped with RYNO self-balancing technology. This means that the scooter will automatically rotate, if the driver is tilted too far to the left or right. The vehicle weighs 57 kilograms and can cope with 30-degree slope.

The idea to create such a scooter there was the daughter of the General Director of the company Chris Hoffmann in 2009, the year. Such a one-wheeled motorcycle she had seen in a video game, and then asked her father to give her the same to ride it to school.

"With a product like the RYNO, the driver can slip on the park alley and arrive at your destination much faster than by car. Plus, RYNO can be left at any bicycle parking for free, "- said Hoffman.

Plus Segway scooter: started production of a unique vehicle, with which it is impossible to fall

Although the RYNO is capable of speeds of 40 kilometers per hour, it is configured in such a way that in the settlements it did not exceed the speed of 20 kilometers per hour. RYNO works from removable batteries that are charged from the usual outlets. The company claims that to fully charge the battery takes about 90 minutes. RYNO go on sale in August of 2013.

The company has not released full specifications and did not name the exact retail price, but, as expected, the cost will be about $ 3,000.



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