SAIC Leaf — The most unusual car!

The war for oil is not stopped and every year it becomes more fierce, fuel for vehicles, stations, factories, airplanes going up every year, as the price of "black gold" all grow and grow. That is why for many decades, scientists are trying to find alternative sources of energy and create a car that will not depend on oil, electricity, or even the sun. One of the most unusual vehicles this kind was presented in 2010. This SAIC Leaf, able to drive a car due to the sun's own turbines, water and carbon dioxide. And that's not all, in the course of movement it produces oxygen!

The largest Chinese car company SAIC surpassed herself. The car SAIC Leaf everything suggests that this mode of transport will not only beautify the town's appearance, but also enrich it with oxygen. The roof, made in the shape of a leaf, for the car got its name, produces oxygen by synthesizing it from sunlight. Through what technology it was possible to realize — is kept secret. Only hint that the principle of photosynthesis.

Moreover, SAIC Leaf can go completely without having to be recharged. Even on a cloudy day, its batteries generate enough energy, which also help turbines installed on the wheels of the cavity which are in the shape of petals.

And the most important thing. The machine frame is created on the latest technologies, allowing to combine the metal and organic matter absorbs motion water and carbon dioxide, producing energy at their expense and oxygen.

It's a shame that since 2010, no longer had the news of this miracle car. Perhaps technology is again delayed until the moment when the oil will run out eventually, and the country will get from the store of their technology for alternative energy.

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