Sandia Hand — super accurate electronic hand in action!

Demining — it is very dangerous. Because the people who are doing have a sharp eye and a steady hand. It is certainly not sensitive enough to all developments related to robots. But it looks like it's already over. Meet, Sandia Hand — Robomanipulyator that, the assurances of authors, relatively expensive, being very strong, agile, and at the same time modular.

Effective universal robomanipulyator close to the parameters of the human hand in the Western world is worth about $ 250 thousand and the improvised explosive device, the main weapon of anti-government armed forces of Colombia, Afghanistan, Iraq and a number of other countries, we can gather, having spent only a few American dollars. In this case, the main way to his "clearance" today — garbage in a secure location and remote subversion, often using the robot. Disparate costs! And while the United States has the same fight with countries with less independent of the sanctions funding sources such as heroin and cocaine, economically such a war from the start can be considered lost.

What if instead of a remote detonation greater use remote clearance? Because then deactivated explosive device can be used to search for the author as to avoid when building "bomb of hozmage" DNA traces is almost impossible (at least in the off-site conditions). "More arrests — fewer bombs" — is the motto of the program, which is created by Sandia Hand, emphasize the developers.

Sandia Hand, with 12 degrees of freedom, is worth about $ 10 million Even the cheapest predecessors, still under development, are much more expensive — or have fewer degrees of freedom. Reducing the cost by 90% compared with the best can be a huge step forward on the way to remote-controlled mine.

The outer part of the arm is covered with a gel-like synthetic fabric that provides the necessary clearance for the softness of touch. "Fingers" arm fixed to the magnet, and add or remove them in the field is as easy as secure magnets on the refrigerator. The adaptive system "artificial gloves" serves sapper-cameraman for careful management and Sandia Hand is a relatively simple and intuitive. At the trials, even engineers who have never had business with the remote control, the results achieved from the first half.

Watch manipulator arm Sandia Hand



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