SC Alcor Bio launched a new development of extra-DNA Bio»


In June, the SC Alcor Bio began production of reagents "Extra-DNA Bio», designed for fast and efficient isolation of DNA from clinical material. "Extra-DNA-Bio" allows the extraction of DNA as for molecular genetic studies, and for the detection of infectious agents, the press service of the company.

The principle of this is set in the processing of the biological sample with the lysis buffer, followed by alcohol precipitation. Today, alcohol precipitation — a widespread method of sample preparation, which is based on the aggregation of nucleic acids in the presence of salt and alcohol. This method is fairly simple to use, characterized by small delays and high purity of the resulting DNA preparation. For the analysis using a set of "Extra-DNA-Bio" fit serum / plasma, whole blood, dried blood spots, saliva, urine, scrapings of epithelial cells from cervical mucosa and urethra. Now "Extra DNA Bio" is the only domestic dial, allowing the DNA from dried blood spots.

DNA isolated using a reagent kit "Extra-DNA Bio" may be used to further study the molecular biological methods, including polymerase chain reaction (PCR) detection of amplification products in real time.

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