Schengen visa encourages active tourists

Schengen visa encourages active touristsOn 14 January 2012 the countries that are party to the Schengen agreement, visa considering requests will rely on a new "harmonized" list of the visa.

We provide a new document is not required. As before, the presentation must be passport, tickets, proof of the purpose of visit, and more. But now there are some points that facilitate travel planning, and mostly for independent travelers. Now for the rest becomes a difficult dilemma: to choose a family vacation in the suburbs, or a trip on the countries of the Schengen agreement.

Thus, the consulate may decline as one document or several documents from the list (according to article 14 (6) EC), but in the event that the applicant has already showed his honesty, reliability and a good reputation.

In continuation of this project is allowed to take consulates description (in writing) to the planned journey instead confirm the invitation or hotel reservation. This makes it even more accessible application process for those tourists who are staying in campsites, actively traveling around the country and another.

In addition, it effectively cancels the requirement for not only booking of hotel, but proplachennoy armor, plus the entire fax confirmation. This is very inconvenient, as not all hoteliers are willing to send faxes to their future guests, and in Europe in general, to take advance prepayment of the accommodation is not accepted.

Most of the "new" list of documents is "old", but allows consulates officially provide benefits reliable and active travelers.

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