Schoolboy brought doomsday forum he found an error in the calculation of NASA

13-year-old high school student from Potsdam Nico Marquardt NASA put to ridicule, but the near future of mankind — in the dark.

German wunderkind Nico Marquardt alone cheated authoritative NASA. He found that the agency had made a mistake in a hundred times.

He checked the calculations of the U.S. space agency about the possibility of collision with the Earth asteroid Apophis and found a mistake astronomical scale. NASA generally accepted the amendment, which, alas, is not in favor of humans.

One of the most intense moments of human history will come on Friday, April 13, 2029 at 22 hours 45 minutes CET. Then just 32,500 miles from Earth sweep giant shell irregular iron and iridium 350 meters in length and weighing 46 million tons.

Initially, American experts have predicted that the chances of the Earth to get an incredibly powerful strike from space look like one to 45 000. After the publication of these data, even violent astronomers fatalists of discharge thrill relaxed. But not for long. Marquardt from Potsdam schoolboy caught in the fear of the scientific community, not to mention the usual everyman: 1 to 450 — this is his prediction-correction. That is, NASA made a mistake 100 times. Now in the West, even talking about the fact that the Earth willy-nilly became embroiled in a risky adventure akin to the "Russian roulette."

In a collision with our planet Apophis racing at speeds of 50,000 miles per hour, it may cause a disaster of biblical proportions, according to astrophysicists. As a result of asteroid impact on Earth free up huge energy in the form of a fireball with a diameter of about 320 meters. Impact force exceeds the strength of the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima in a hundred thousand times. The whole world will suffer, especially the coastal areas of the Atlantic, which is thought likely to be falling asteroid. The result will be numerous tsunami disaster.

Of course, there are skeptics. Because Apophis will pass from Earth at a fairly decent distance. But scientists do not tend to lull themselves stories about the space provided. According teenager Nico Marquardt, in Earth geosynchronous orbit by 2029 will be 35,880 meteorological and communications satellites. Apophis collision with even one of them can have irreparable consequences: Asteroid able to change the flight path.

While experts argue, the British firm "Astrium" seriously attended to the practical side of things, trying to find a means to reduce the risk of bombardment of the planet space monsters. Last summer she designed a machine "Apex", which may give humanity a chance to prevent a possible disaster. According to the project "Apex" closer to Apophis in 2014 and will revolve around him, gathering the necessary information.

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