Scientists are talking about the end of the world

Planet Earth will die from heat

Scientists are talking about the end of the world

The fact that doomsday still possible, the other day talking and scientists. As it turns out, will ruin our planet main energy source — the sun. Apocalypse scenario is very simple. Shone every day, slowly but surely attracted to the Earth itself, so sooner or later the temperature on our planet reaches a critical level, which does not allow to exist any living organism.

According to the phenomenon called Poynting-Robertson effect, all the heavenly bodies, spiraling, "fall" on the Sun. Smaller than the object, the faster will ultimately dangerous proximity to the Sun.

News that the end of our planet is coming from excessive heat, reached us before. Scientists have reported that in 5 billion years the sun can completely incinerate the Earth. Experts from the U.S., Spain and Poland, which explored the red star, swallowed one of the planets, found that the same thing could happen to our planet.

Called red star, the core of which has already finished burning hydrogen. When the light turns into a star, the temperature at the surface begins to rise. The star increases in size, which inevitably leads to the death of planets located closest to the star orbits.

"The sun will become a red star begins to expand and swallow the Earth" — said the professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Alexander Wolszczan.

Further evidence to support this assumption — the elliptical orbit of the new planet discovered in the system of the red giant. In this case, the planet is at least 1.6 times the mass of Jupiter. Astronomers believe that the shape of the orbit of a large planet could affect the absorption of its star.

"Catch the moment when the planet is absorbed by a star — almost impossible task because of the speed of the process, but the evidence of this event can be detected by analyzing the chemical composition of the stars," — said the scientist at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Eva Villaver.

Although it is too early to wait for the end, because five billion years — quite a long period, but there are reports that, in America, for example, to avoid catastrophe, organized a special department for the study of solar phenomena.

However, there is a theory that argues that the Earth will not die completely. The radius of Earth's orbit just lengthened by about 60 million km and the Earth, apparently, do not fall into the solar furnace. However, its surface is heated to at least two thousand degrees, so the good people can not be expected.

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