Scientists warn: Apocalypse Tomorrow Comes

Currently, there are many predictions of scientists who warn that in the near future we should expect catastrophic events related to increased seismic subsurface.

Geological Survey of American Scientists (Pasadena) predict a catastrophic earthquake in California — in the area of the San Andreas Fault. The most populous U.S. state will be destroyed the natural elements in the next 30 years. The researchers took into account seismic data, information about the geology of earthquakes and accurate measurements in areas of earthquakes on the Earth's surface. All these data allow us to determine the probability of earthquakes in a given region of the world. According to a new forecast model of natural disasters, which is developed by the American Geophysics, predicted probability of an earthquake up to 99%

Scientists say that in the area of significant damage will be the largest city in the state — Los Angeles and San Francisco. "We almost guarantee that something like this happens," — said USGS geophysicist in Pasadena and co-author of the sensational prediction Ned Field. According to some projections, the victims of earthquakes can be more than 5 thousand inhabitants. The damage from a possible disaster is estimated at $ 150 billion. Local authorities believe that in order to avoid the tragic consequences of Californians now have to prepare for the upcoming disaster.

Soon destructive tectonic cataclysm can occur in southern Europe — Greece. According to professor of the University of Athens, a specialist in geodynamics Dimitris Pap, in the northern part of the Aegean Sea was discovered by a major crustal fault with a length of about 160 kilometers. A huge crack running from the Sporades group of islands to the island of Lemnos. Scientists project that in the area of a possible earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 on the Richter scale.

If that happens, then there will a powerful sea wave height of 2-3 m, which fall mainly on the northern coast of the Greek mainland.

French scientists have warned that the risk of huge tsunami waves exist in the Mediterranean, as there is a source of seismic activity — the zone of contact between the Eurasian and North African plates.

Russian scientists have found that the largest earthquakes have certain periodicity. In this case, they are amplified by the end of the cycle.

For example, in the twentieth century in a short period there were four major earthquakes. This Kamchatka earthquake 1952 magnitude 9 points, the earthquake on the islands by force in 1957 Andreanova 9.1 points, in Chile — in 1960, the power of 9.5 points, in Prince William Sound in Alaska in 1964, the power of 9.2. Seismologists believe that by 2018 the world will shake one more very large earthquake.

By the force of it will be comparable to the cataclysm of 26 December 2004. Then 9-9,3 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale has led to the emergence of a powerful tsunami in the Indian Ocean, up to 30 meters. According to seismologists, the grouping extremely unlikely for independent random events. The epicenter of the future tectonic cataclysm can be in one out of five regions: the western part of the border between the U.S. and Canada, Chile, in Kashmir, in Sumatra and the Indian Ocean — the area of the Andaman Islands.

2009-2015. Scientists project the Institute of Earth's Crust, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Earthquake in the Baikal-Mongolian region (Irkutsk and Chita regions, the Republic of Buryatia, the adjacent part of Mongolia). The earthquake is unknown. The number of possible victims were reported.

2008-2010. Northern Tien Shan. Earthquake in the Kyrgyz range of magnitude 6 — to the south-east of Bishkek. The number of possible victims were reported. Forecast for the Institute of Physics of the Earth. O. Schmidt Sciences and the Institute of Geophysical Research, National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2008-2018. Kashmir Sumatra and the Indian Ocean (Andaman Islands). An earthquake measuring 9-9,3 points,
the number of possible victims are not reported, the prognosis of doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Vladimir Kosobokova of the International Institute of Earthquake Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences.

2008-2050 years. Sakhalin. Forecast principal researcher of the Institute of Seismology Laboratory of Marine Geology and Geophysics, Far Eastern Branch of RAS seeds Nikiforov. An earthquake measuring 9.8 on the Richter scale, the number of possible victims — several thousand people.

2008-2054 years. Tokyo. An earthquake measuring more than 7 points, the number of possible victims — several thousand people. Forecast Japan Earthquake Research Committee. Specialists Committee published a report showing that the nation's capital is waiting ordeal for the next 50 years. Probability of an earthquake in Tokyo by force more than 7 points in the next decade is 30%, for 30 years — grows up to 70%, and the probability that an earthquake will occur within half a century — is already 90%.

2008-2050 years. Tehran. An earthquake measuring 6-7.5 points, the number of possible victims — several million people, Bahram Akashesha forecast geophysics at Tehran University (Iran).

2008-2050 years. Bay of Bengal. An earthquake of magnitude 9.3, the number of possible victims — 500 thousand — 1 million, forecast Australian seismologist Phil Cummins.

Zharvin N., Ph.D., Academician of the Academy of Security Defense and Law, warns: "Scary, incomparable earthquake will shake the whole earth will live long extinct volcanoes, hundreds of new peoples. Naturally, the active volcanoes earn the rest of his gigantic strength. But hardly thrills fans will admire this exuberance of nature. Huge, two to three kilometers sverhtsunami height (height to be commensurate with the size of the ocean floor deformation in rift) one after another rush to the shaking, drowned in the darkness, the continents and destroy all life on the hundreds, and in some places thousands of kilometers from coastline seas and oceans. A day or two billion people will die in the coastal, the most densely populated regions of the Earth. In pitiful ruins littered with dirt, turn the beautiful cities whose names are now on the ear (called St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Riga, Tallinn, Gdansk, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Le Havre, Bordeaux, Lisbon, New York, Boston, Havana, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Dakar, Kinshasa, Luanda, Cape Town. Mumbai (Bombay), Chennai (Madras), Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai, Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities, and thousands of settlements, which, apparently, is not in danger, but they are doomed. London and Paris, Berlin and Washington, as well as other great and small cities can not delude one iota. All these cities have absorbed the work, talent, sense of beauty for generations people. But terrible power of nature, human carelessness, the narrowness of outlook, laziness, the triumph of immorality, and the mute status of science, at least in modern Russian science, threaten to turn them into nothing, along with their inhabitants.

Yes, that will come next Deluge. For the flood in the North Atlantic will begin immediately new ice age.
The rise of the ocean floor in the Faroe threshold as a result of the Icelandic steam explosion, forcing the Gulf Stream to turn south before reaching the Faeroes. North Atlantic will be left without heat in the tropics. As if some mighty hand turn off water heating in the now blessed lands. Glacier, most of North America, the North West, North and Central Europe as well as North-East Europe and North-West Asia, will increase centuries and millennia, but the climate of Antarctica is established immediately after potopnymi phenomena. Names such as the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, France, as well as Canada, the United States (the sad list goes on) will disappear once and for all. In the Sahara, in connection with the rotation of the Gulf Stream, there will be a rainy period, very soft after the transfer phase will be the icing climate of Kamchatka, Chukotka, Yakutia, the North-East Asia, as well as Alaska. Tropical heat rush there, along with increased Kuroshio Current, which will increase very significantly the alignment mezhokeanicheskogo water exchange in connection with the departure of the Arctic Ocean Gulf Stream.

When will that be?

NASA climatologists, known German climatologist H. Flon, a number of other American and European scientists (Jonathan Gregory, Philip Haybreht Bill Grebe and others) argue that, due to the increasing throughout the second half of the twentieth century and the progressive warming in the XXI century (not least in all because of human impact), the Greenland ice sheet is almost completely destroyed by the end of the XXI century. If they are wrong, and I am wrong.

But if these highly qualified people are accurate, global natural disaster, with all its horrors, broke out about the range of time from 2030 to 2070, as already pointed out that the critical situation will be created until the melting of the glacier.

Need not deceive ourselves slowly raising and lowering of the northern and southern shores of Scandinavia. These multidirectional slow progress is likely to set not postglacial rise of the Eurasian lithospheric plate, (it has long stood), and fluctuations in the perturbed last global catastrophe (6000-5500 years ago) of the material of the asthenosphere, which can actually move very slowly and in different directions . Floating Greenland obeys Archimedes and is likely to happen very quickly. I prefer to be guided, in this fraught with loss of most or all of humanity fact, the most dangerous option. "

Professor Lazarus from Kiev, on the basis of the prophecies of Nostradamus, gives a forecast the survival of civilization: "Ahead of the very complex 120-150 years, which will require enormous concentration of all the forces of the world. Home catastrophe — the continents split, which will occur in the years 2054-2066. Giant disasters literally descend on Earth. Their result will be the disappearance of a large number of states.

Britain is doomed. In 2054 it will flood the tsunami wave height of about 800 meters. Die southern France and the peninsula, including Rome and the Vatican. Will go to the ocean floor and part of the northern and eastern Mediterranean: the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Egypt. Then continue along the fault of the future: Iraq, India, Australia. The number of victims will be determined by how people prepared for disasters: spend money on a third world war or create new cities in regions that are not affected in the crash split the continents.

"End of the World" as the destruction of humanity will not. Nostradamus predicts the life of humanity until the end of the zodiac, the Aquarius, that is, until 4163, the ".

Ufa ophthalmologist and author Ernest Muldashev, in an interview with the newspaper "Arguments and Facts", warns of future disasters caused by the displacement of the Earth's rotation axis and its disastrous consequences:

"We do not know for what reason the Earth's axis then shifted to 60 degrees. And because we can not say, perhaps a repeat of such a disaster in our time, or when it should be expected. One can only imagine about how it will happen.
if it will happen because the North Pole will move into the area of the United States of America. Russia is a tropical country. "The new Equator" will take place approximately in the Tyumen. Next — via Ufa, Saratov, Donetsk, Athens and will cross the Sahara in the Ahaggar highlands. It diagonally crosses the Atlantic Ocean and just goes through the Cape Horn in the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean, passing through the countless islands of Micronesia to Japan …

The best places for life on Earth
with "new equator" will warm coast of the Arctic Ocean — the Taimyr Peninsula, Yakutia, Kolyma, Chukotka, Kamchatka. Basins of the Ob, Yenisei and Lena porastut abundant tropical vegetation, there will be, so to speak, the "new Amazon". It would be good to live in Moscow, Perm, Murmansk, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the winter will not be there, nature reminds Canary Islands. Unfortunately, the entire territory of the U.S., and almost the whole of Mexico will be covered with a thick layer of ice similar to the one which is now in Antarctica.

Raise the level of the oceans. Therefore, low-lying land flooded. Drown the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, northern Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, part of Italy, of the Ukraine, a part of France.

You can imagine what a huge kilometer tsunami destroyed much of the population, since it lives mainly in low-lying plains. Earthquake, the division of the continents, volcanoes will blow as a large number of people who survived the tsunami. Then comes the cold, tens or hundreds of years, the polar cold, survive, in which only a few can.

Apocalypse? End of the world?
But in the distant past, such disasters have occurred more than once. Lemurian civilization perished, but gave birth to the Atlantean civilization. We, the Aryans originated in the bowels of highest development of civilization of Atlantis, already experienced one Flood. Where it was possible to sit by our predecessors?

Looking at the globe and a detailed atlas of the world, I drew attention to the fact that only one part of the Earth's land has a chance to stay away from the alleged hazards. It is located in Tibet and in esoteric literature called "Eternal mainland." From the south, it will be limited to the Eternal continent proud ridge of the Himalayas, in the west — the Hindu Kush mountains, Pamir and Tien Shan from the north — the mountains of Altai and Sayan Hinggan and in the east, in the region of the Gobi Desert, will gradually descend into a single huge ocean .

Undoubtedly, in the central part of the continent is internal Eternal Sea, located on the site of the Gobi Desert. It can not be formed because of the existence here of the central cavity, which should be filled with water as a result of strong rainfall during the disaster, and due to a possible influx of water from the surrounding mainland Eternal single ocean. And now Tibet there was a set of huge salt lakes, with signs once existed here inland sea.

Will mankind survive?

Immediately have to say that the conditions of life on the mainland would be the Eternal is not very good: all rocky and steep slopes leading down to the inner sea, or in a single ocean.

Mineral district of the Eternal continent, unfortunately, is not rich. In the Himalayas, few mineral resources. Richer Sayan, Altai, and ridge Hinggan. But here, as well as throughout the continent Eternal almost no oil and gas. So in isolation technology development, typical for modern humanity to be very problematic, because they are based primarily on the power of oil and gas. In this case, for example, can not be built asphalt roads, drive the cars, trains, planes …

Everything said about the expected conditions of life on the Eternal mainland can lead to the conclusion that modern humans, by fate (God forbid!) Once there, begin to deteriorate due to the loss of familiar life technologies. The loss of the existing criteria in the economic management will inevitably contribute to the moral decline, which turn into confusion for life and will gradually transition to the primitive way of living up to the savagery. Over time, a half-civilized way of life will become a habit, and the next generation will be a legend of their ancestors who flew on the huge iron birds. Get ready for a disaster!

Maybe can survive at least a handful of people? Yes, it is possible, if … If people know about the upcoming shift of Earth's axis and specifically, will prepare ahead of time for testing, ensuring himself sverhkapitalnym shelter and food supplies.

I was on Tibet, the Himalayas, Sayan, Altai, Tien Shan (parts Eternal mainland)
and I can say that organize it all there is extremely difficult. At Sayan and Altai, as in the lowest part of the eternal continent, will stick out of the water only the highest ridges, where the roads, as they say, and do not smell. Seekers can be arranged only in large caves, and those in the Himalayas and Tibet are not many. Cave shelters must also equip the lighting and heating.

Supplies of food you can prepare for a long time, but hardly a hundred years.
Inside the cave in isolation can begin illness, up to the epidemic, and stay inside the cave can psychologically break people.
So, summing up the survival of modern man in the continent at the displacement of the Eternal Earth's axis, we can say that this feature is questionable in all aspects, which only you can provide. Rather, humanity is irrevocably lost.

It is unlikely that someone of his contemporaries from the impending global catastrophe that will be easier, but life on earth will continue after the flood.

Like so — a topic for another conversation.

What are yoga.

On Earth, fortunately, is home to one category of people who are most likely to survive the hazards of possible bias in the Earth's axis. These people live mainly in "Eternal continent" and are called yogis.

Yoga — is born in the depths of our civilization, a new type of man — a man of the future. Only they, the eccentric residents of the Himalayas and Tibet, having unsightly appearance, able to mobilize a "divine inner energy." Overcoming naked in the cold mountain terrible famine and years of the best of them are capable of entering into a state of Somat.

On Somato many already know: it is self-preservation of the human body at a low temperature, which is to save the human race for the future "post-Flood" of life. I think we, the children of those ancient yogis, he survived the Flood. And I hate that people are confused with the Himalayan yogis klouniruyuschimi people bendable metal rod stomach or throat. Yoga — in the caves of the "Eternal continent." They insure us, they nucleation on the occasion of World cataclysm.

Not to be confused with the National Blood banal freezing. Physicians and biologists know that even deep freeze leads to tiny ice crystals that destroy cells. Frozen so people always die. Somatic — is when people samokonserviruetsya by mobilizing internal energy, which takes the water body in the fourth, unknown to science state. It is this amazing water is able to completely stop the metabolic processes in the cells, the body put in the so-called "stone-stationary state", which at a temperature of +4 ° C can be maintained thousands and millions of years, and then come to life.

In principle, nothing fancy about it. In nature, there is the concept of "hibernation", ie hibernation. And at the heart of hibernation, in my opinion, is a natural phenomenon Somat. Perhaps this is to some extent explains the enormous capacity of the Chukchi bear sleep for 8-9 months a year. Fish, probably also can enter a state of Somat, knowingly carp burrow into the mud. Double Indemnity.

Inability of human survival in a global cataclysm caused doubt to higher intelligence did not provide some way of saving man on Earth. One of these ways is already known — Somat. This phenomenon and the associated human gene pool, which includes representatives samozakonservirovannyh Lemurians, Atlanteans and Aryans, remaining in deep Himalayan and Tibetan caves insures humanity from total destruction in the face of a possible global cataclysm. According to Tibetan lamas at the right time, these people come to life and give a new sprout of humanity. The descendants of these revived and people emerged from caves multiply and then spread from the "Eternal mainland" of the globe as the release of water from the other continents. Since it was already after the Flood 850 000 years ago, to destroy Atlantis. We have succeeded with some degree of confidence to prove the analysis for the different races.

However, I am confused by one principle, which I made sure in the course of my scientific life: all that is on earth, whether it is a DNA molecule, a biochemical reaction or any human authority, have dual controls to ensure continuity of action. Therefore, to save mankind, with the possible displacement of the Earth's axis must be created at least one more mechanism of insurance. What is it? During the last Tibetan expedition in the "City of the Gods"I began to understand what it is. On Earth, but man there is another type of intelligence. "Superhuman" among us.

At different times, they were called differently: "Superhuman", "Divine mentors", "Divine Kings", "Sons of the Gods" … First try to answer the question: who are they — "Divine mentors'? It is quite clear that they can not even be the best representatives of the Atlanteans or early Aryans. Then who? I think it's great Lemurians, go ahead from the state of disaster in the somatosensory mysterious underground Shambhala.

These huge, ten-growth people that the Atlanteans were called "sons of the gods", having unimaginable for us, abilities and knowledge, and directed the process of preparing the salvation of mankind. How was the process of the management of this preparation on the part of the "Sons of the Gods"? There is a lot to fantasize in the absence of real factors. But there is one information that may shed light on this. It draws on the famous Himalayan Swami Premananda. This great thinker who knows the language of animals and plants, said that yogic powers come to the people suddenly, out of nowhere, and then people go to the mountains, settled in the caves and began to do what others can not, constantly coaching and improving their abilities. During the expedition of 1998, some yoga confirmed to us that they are subject to the will of a "superman", which they sometimes respectfully referred to as "he." Yogi always have telepathic contact with a "superman." This telepathy for yogis and a source of knowledge and power capabilities, and guidance.

Whoever the "Superhuman" — Lemurians or more members of a highly parallel world to Earth, they certainly have a direct contact with the Spirit of the Earth and the information field of the light. Otherwise, how would they become aware of the impending shift of the Earth's axis? Learning of this, the "Sons of the Gods" will begin to take action to save humanity. The method of the "Superhuman" is, apparently, so they analyzed the people will choose the "elite" and they (as in the case of the yogis) will telepathically transmit knowledge and special abilities, and these "favorite" will do all the huge amount of work on training rescue the Earth's life. They, these "superhumans" will signal "chosen" of the time required enter the state Somato, indicate reliable cave someone be allowed into the main sanctuary — "Waru." I do not rule out that some of the "Superhuman" will appear among us personally led the work.
But, again, this is all just speculation. How was I, a simple man, I know exactly something about "Superhuman"?

The number of degrees in the Flood shifted the Earth's axis? It is easy to learn with the usual school protractor. Exactly 60.

This is the third part of the semi-circle of the Earth. The impression that the Earth's axis is not moved irregularly because of some planetary influence, and moved by a clear, prearranged plan! How many kilometers will be in the 60? Of school geography, we know that the circumference of the Earth is 40,000 km. So, in the 60 — 6666 km. If 666 is the devil's number, 6666 is even worse! I'm not very inclined to believe mysticism, but here I was horrible: the circle of the earth is 6 sections 6666 km. Four sixes as it symbolizes the greatest catastrophe in the world. Is everything predetermined?

Further calculations have only confirmed this view. What is the height Holy Mount Kailash?
In some literature it is defined as 6714 meters, in others — 6668 meters. As explained to me surveyors, without error in the measurements of such large objects as mountains, it still can not do. Sure: true altitude is 6666 meters Kailash.
Surely this is the message of the ancient tragedy. One might think that the sacred mountain was built after the Flood survivors ATLANTA (or Lemurians) to prevent the next shift of Earth's axis. Number of global catastrophe.

Why is the number "6" in the people is a bad number, "66" — worse, "666" — is even worse, "6666" — worse than ever? Somehow, I think there is the following gradation "sixth-grade series."
The number "6" represents the presence of the devil in the soul of the individual, that is the price to pay for his suffering in exile this negative diabolical energy. If this is the beginning of the devil will not be expelled, there is a bodily or mental illness, or, even worse, "star fever."
The number "66" in my opinion, is a symbolic embodiment of the presence of the group in the beginning of the diabolical minds of people, such as a country. Examples would be communism in Russia and Nazism in Germany.
The number "666" is, in my opinion, is a measure of universal diabolical start. Progress of scientific technology is natural and logical, but also dangerous because people can develop "universal star disease", followed by a terrible "trehshesterochnoe" diabolical start immediately appear in the form of strange diseases or something completely unexpected (a comet, and so n .).
The number "6666" represents the presence of global diabolical start when it is introduced not only to all of humanity, but in all forms of terrestrial life. Danger of creating such "needlework creations" like huge cow SUPERLARGE potatoes superurozhaynaya wheat, is not so much in the presence of these so-called mutagens, the metabolism, but in the fact that man has no right to genetically engineered to interfere with God's work who created the whole complex balance of nature.

Unfortunately, the international program "Genome" is already running. If the success of this program will be great, it will not be long end of the world.

But as relates height sacred Mount Kailash (6666 m) with the entire world system of pyramids and monuments of antiquity? Mexican pyramids were built on the line "KailashEaster Island"Passing through the North Pole. The distance from the sacred mountain to the pole equals 6666 km. And how far from the Mexican pyramids? Again I had to arm themselves with a compass and a globe. I put the leg of a compass to the North Pole, and put those 6666 miles. The second leg of the U.S. stood on the Great Plains, in Wyoming. And what is actually located?

In the Internet found the information on staff Wyoming.
The main attraction there is the so-called Devil's Tower. From the descriptions, it became clear that it was a huge stone outgrowth unusually regular shape, like a pyramid with the top cut off and a height of 290 meters (compared to the height of the pyramid of Cheops is 146,6 meters). This huge stone outgrowth located on a plateau and just stands out and does not fit into the surrounding landscape, which is composed of a lot of legends.

One of the main story is about a giant bear-devil, who lived in these places and hunted men. People fled from him on that stone tower, and the bear, trying to climb the tower, scratching its claws. Therefore, the surface of Devils Tower was striped. It is Devils Tower called "housing bear." The name given her in 1875, Colonel Richard Dodge, based on the Native American name "Tower bad gods." Native American tribes lived near Devil's Tower, and those Indians who came to the area and tried as quickly as possible to get away from there.

Millions of people are learning the Devils Tower in the film "Close encounter of the third kind", where the tower is represented by the landing site of the main (parent) of the spacecraft.
Surprisingly, I thought, sinister four sixes, deferred from the North Pole toward the Mexican pyramids, output to the place where everything symbolizes the Devil and "bad gods." Mystery some! But the mystic, as judged by a number of mathematical patterns and matches. I think the Devils Tower is a place of the future of the North Pole. This will shift the axis of the Earth! It will be such a disaster that even the sky will lose its color. Shifting the North Pole in North America, the most likely to happen polarization of sunlight in perspective, so that the sky can stop being gay, and turns green.

Some sources (Nostradamus, Blavatsky) It is known that during the times of Atlantis sky was red, and the entire plant life lived in crimson and red colors — this is when the North Pole was located at Kailash.
What will be the plant under a green sky? Purple? Blue? And what are the people (the people there?), Who will live in this world?

Predictions of scientists warned of a possible tectonic cataclysms can cause many more, but, unfortunately, we do not always listen to the scientists.

Author: V.Simonov from the book: "Apocalypse Tomorrow Comes"

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