Scientists warn of a strong magnetic storm

The consequences of a powerful storm on the sun today can affect the Earth's inhabitants. Writes about the world press. A few days ago shone once again raging and threw a huge solar flare — the length of a fire stick, according to experts NASA reached 800,000 miles.

Scientists were able to capture the details of the process. According to the calculations of astrophysicists today stream stellar radiation reaches our planet and can cause a geomagnetic storm. However, overcoming the enormous distance (150 million kilometers), the beam will dissipate and not cause severe damage. However, echoes of eruptions on the Sun Earthlings can even see firsthand. In some areas of the U.S. Northern Lights will be particularly bright.

However, the effects of solar storms is not always as harmless. Of geomagnetic storms can suffer power, satellites, radio equipment, including airplanes. For example, in 1989, lost power due to outbreaks Canadian city of Quebec. Now the sun reaches the peak of its 10-year active cycle. Physicists have calculated if the grand coronal ejection, just 90 seconds after the burst of the sun, in North America will burn 300 key transformers, no light will remain more than 130 million people. And this is only the beginning …

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