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Svobodnensky Car Repair Plant (Free Amur reg.) Defeated crisis and the increasing power

— Finally, we have in the shop is warm! Spawn was not like this — truly happy chief Igor Eremin railway car shop. On Svobodny car-repair plant he works thirty years now and I do not recall ever working conditions were better.

However, over the past two years has changed here is not only that. The enterprise is active modernization, which invested millions of rubles.

In the new environment

A huge indoor space to the railroad tracks inside forced by tanks and freight cars, whose roof constantly buzzing welders. Railway car shop — the final stage of a multi-stage repair. It employs 110 people. During the day, "put on your feet" up to 14 different cars. Some of them are going to have to practically from scratch. But the workers are not afraid of difficulties. New equipment and its own expertise to help carry out the task of any complexity. Especially now that you can work comfortably.

— The biggest change that has occurred in our shop, — Repair, — says Igor Eremin. — How many remember that our children had to work in sub-zero winter temperatures. Can you imagine what it is — twelve-hour shift in the cold? And this winter feel happy. In the shop floor completely replaced, put the heating — heaters around. New gates, air curtains. Work — I will not!

In fact, that "the workshop of the permafrost" has become one of the warmest, its employees still do not believe it. Workers of the hottest — blacksmith shop happy for colleagues and also waiting for a change. This year there have changed the windows and purchased a new ladle machine. On the approach of another batch of equipment. The foreman Vladimir Yunitsky sure — his staff will be able to work more productively, and that the conditions were as good as possible, it is always "yes", as part of the forging of collective — a woman.

— It just seems to be a blacksmith — is necessarily a big powerful uncle — debunks the myths of Vladimir. — We have, for example, the three ladies working in the shop. Now much is automated, so the blacksmith work became more feminine.

These words were confirmed by Tatyana Zhukova. A former salesman working in the blacksmith shop and a half years and is not going away.

— I work for the press, — says Tatiana Pavlovna. — Here in the oven at me plus 1,200 degrees. I take a blank pledge, heated to the desired temperature. From the red-hot metal make finished products: bolts, rollers, rivets. I can not say that it is very easy job. But tolerable. The main thing — there is stability.

Ready to break records

Upbeat mood prevails on all the many sites and offices of the three departments of the plant. Challenging work in the field of engineering has become a little easier and a lot more in demand. In recent years, the production capacity increasing all the time, and then have to meet the requirements of the time — to change the equipment, manual labor to replace mechanical. This company's management systematically engaged.

In a carriage unit installed lift that allows you to quickly move heavy items, and a new washer for trucks. In the wheel-roller department built a new indoor space to prepare for the repair of wheels in the factory and on access roads have changed turnouts themselves way now extend to two kilometers. Repair orders are increasing, and the cars have placed somewhere.

Meanwhile, repair and purchase of equipment in the shop — it's not the most important achievement of the factory workers. Enterprise director Andrei Sokolov proud to manufacturing as a whole has reached a qualitatively new level. Today Svobodnensky car-repair plant — the only one in the Far East produces 16 types of repair of the rolling stock.

— Prior to 2010, our factory is only open wagons repaired, — says Andrew G.. — Now we can just about everything. Especially for tanks organized steam station, where cars are pre-repair training. Before repairing the tank must be removed from inside the oil residues. This is a difficult process. Need special equipment. Steaming of this level, as we have, on the whole Russian only three.

Of the other know-how svobodnentsev — painting cars. After leaving the tank railway car shop, many owners want to return their marketability. The plant provide such services. Since 2010, for this purpose are introduced sandblasting. The car handled abrasive substance, primed — and can be painted.

— Expanding the field of activity can be infinite, — said Andrei Sokolov. — Not so long ago, for example, we have mastered the formation of wheel sets. In the Far East, now the problem with these parts. We have opened a car repair workshops where are forming themselves wheelsets. And to do their own work and other repair companies we buy them. Over the last month formed a 460 wheelsets. It is 115 cars. Now we are going to increase the power. There are customers who are ready to buy our 300 wheel sets per month.

THE CRISIS develop a new HOST

Workers still remember the dark times when the only factory in the Far East, specializing in the repair of the rolling stock, was on the verge of death. The problems began after the reorganization of the Ministry of Railways. Outermost Svobodnensky plant was left without orders. In 2006, the AP wrote about the strikes of workers who have not been paid for months, the company stood idle. Tangible capital injections in Svobodnensky car repair plant began in 2009, when the Amur plant to both morally and materially outdated equipment acquired Moscow OOO "Transvagonmash." In the three years through investments factory managed to get out of the crisis. The company is now renovating about 4.5 thousand cars a year. In the near future the plant's management plans to increase capacity to 5.5 thousand.


The only problem faced by the plant today — is the lack of staff. Electric and gas — one of the most popular specialties both at the enterprise and in the Far East in general.

— We have the ability to train professionals in the industry, so we are happy to accept the Amur graduates of educational institutions, students take on the practice, even from Khabarovsk — the director of the factory, Andrei Sokolov. — Unfortunately, almost no one is delayed. Some people do not pull — too low quality of education. Others want the job easier. In the past year we came 30 young professionals after schools were trained in our 3 months, but only five were able to get a discharge.

For the record

The glorious history of the plant began in 1933. The company was founded on the basis of mechanical workshops at the station Michael-Chesnokovskaya. During World War II it was producing flame-throwers.

516 person is registered in the state of the enterprise.

27 thousand rubles — the average salary at the plant.

50 million rubles will be spent on new equipment in 2013.

12 specialties can train at the plant.

Occupies 21 hectares of land the company.

Ekaterina Kuzmina, Free

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