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Beginning in 1990, the students of Felix Siegel, Soviet astronomer, one of the founders of Russian ufology, conduct an annual "Siegel reading." They researchers of anomalous phenomena share their successes and challenges.

— For his book "UFOs over Earth" I won the Lomonosov — boasted an honorary member of the presidium, the famous test pilot Marina Popovich. — Now I am asked to write a book about myself, but I'm not interested. I am passionate about searching for anything related to UFOs.
And then with enthusiasm, with a gleam in his eyes, and slowly choking fascinated room is packed full of memories of his surging:

— I drove to Cape Canaveral, where the Americans launch their ships into space. There's no protection. Polygon guarded huge crocodiles. They live in coastal waters. You can not destroy them — they relic. One is the huge one crawled into a museum. The Museum's Kennedy Space Center showed me a photo and video collection 150 (!) Anomaly of the Moon. This moving boulders unknown way to move more than a hundred meters. Moving glowing balls. Strange pipe, similar to earthworms, with holes from which is processed as if the ground. There in America I met a contactee. His aliens take back to another galaxy. And they told him that in September 2009, will fly with us, "Planet X", more of our Earth twice. And then we have to happen terrible flood. A few days ago I found out about the mysterious event that took place here in Russia. In Lipetsk tractor in a field found nowhere who has taken a huge hole in the ground. To a depth of 20 meters all the soil, to the sand, as if tongue licked. Next to no trace of the car or dirt pile. Who from? Vadim Chernobrov — she cries in the hall. — Are you there? Come, I'll give us — to go there, see what's what!

"Gatherings" AT Shasta

And hurry to the podium Vadim Chernobrov, coordinator of the Russian Research NGO "Kosmopoisk." Today, he is after Vladimir Azhazha "Chief skeet." He reports to the Assembly on finding places most UFO activity around the world.

— Our analysis showed that in America, the most popular place in the UFO, where they are likely to pass and landing — is Mount Shasta in Northern California. And three areas previously unknown to anyone.

Anomalous zones of Russia Chernobrov will report in the autumn, as the information about the "Russian" UFO traces accumulated more than worldwide.

— A lot of people are quite terrestrial phenomena mistaken for alien ships — complains another researcher, head ufoshkoly "Stalker" Alexander Petukhov. And conducts a brief educational program for lay observers:

Air elongated cloud, like a fish — this follows from the launch of Sputnik. Bright yellow "pancake" — a series of Iridium satellite in orbit. Whitish whorls — spraying barium clouds. A pile of glowing colored lights, silently flying — falling satellite. Photos of "The Flying Dutchman" and "ghosts" are obtained only unskilled photographers. A fantastic pictures of extraterrestrial invasion can draw lenticular clouds and bird flocks.


All the ancient Indian epic describes flying objects, which flew and fought the gods, — the next speaker, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Director of the International Institute of Noosphere Studies Yevgeny Faydysh. — They can not only move between parallel worlds, but suddenly disappear at one point, to appear in the other. For this were built special temple complexes with portals and space antennas, resonators. The ancient Indians know where the City of Gods.

— Mankind has always controlled by others, — the head of the Volga colleague support group to study anomalous phenomena Gennady Belimov. — But who are they? There is a heavenly teacher of Shambhala. There are residents of parallel worlds. Aliens. Souls of the dead, finally. They're all there. But academic science fails to recognize the fact of the multidimensional world. Thus mankind, and not allowed in the space community. Why do we need it, Neanderthals?

And at the end of the report Gennady Stepanovich shared an unexpected discovery:

— The other day, I realized that the world economic crisis has sent us a higher power to prevent a third world war.

No less eye opener and made a member of the Academy informatsiologicheskoy and Applied Ufology Yuri Grigoriev.

God has been living among us — with skill he informed the meeting. — He came to Earth ten years ago — Aug. 11, 1999.
This number — 11. 08. 1999 researcher counted by deciphering secret writing ancient biblical texts. The key is to reveal the secrets of the second coming came in the famous phrase from the Bible: "The rich just as difficult to get to heaven as a camel to pass through the eye of a needle." If in other texts lacked one or two digits, in this "open" all ten, including points. The secret of their complex mathematical manipulations Grigoriev and his colleagues are not counterfeit, because — it's know-how. However, led a list of evidence and the appearance of duplication that date in various forms in all that surrounds us every day: advertising, internet, news, movies, and even the price tags. For example, advertising the "connected" — 11 999 rubles, or advertising "Technosila" — 999. The death toll of the nuclear submarine "Kursk" — 118 (although the latest figures — 130 people were killed there — Ed.). The fall in share prices — FTSE 100 in the UK for 118 points. The abundance of these figures Grigoriev found in "The Arrival", "second coming", "The Day the Earth Stood Still," "The Omen" and many others. According to the researcher, even directors can not think that they have someone from the outside runs, making the shoot such iconic paintings.

— God has the usual earthly name — Grigoriev said — and he has a passport. Who knew of his coming, he pretended not to notice. Living God does not need for our religion, or our science. His name is known only to your favorites. All people know about it only when it recognizes the president and the patriarch. And the crisis will never end if we do not take God! — Threatened last speaker, if not avoided topical theme.


Gods, aliens, phantoms — all mixed up in the Siegel readings. Archbishop Ambrose assistant Michael Vavilov, reading his report on iPhone, prophesied spiritual death of mankind from mobiles and somehow genetically modified carrots. Master of Traditional Medicine, the winner of the title of "Golden Hands" Lyudmila Puterbrot insisted that healing power and medical knowledge gets in your head right out of the cosmos. Investigator Gennady Moskalenko argued that secret alien technology to be found in the "theory of phase Trees" and "false vacuum energy." President of the club, "Global problems of mankind" in Yaroslavl provincial congress of intellectuals Victor Baytulin to solve all the problems of civilization encouraged to seek the relationship of "everything with everything", for some reason, persuasive reading poems about "inextinguishable lamp." Vice-President of the Association "Ecology of the unknown" Stanislav Ermakov advised not to build cottages in geo-active zones, not to poltergeists and demons tormented. Divine inspiration helped academician of the International Academy of Authors of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions from Orenburg Igor Kuldoshinu understand "one supermehanizme control the universe." And the climax of the conference was proposed PhD medalists International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, "2000 Outstanding Intellectuals HH1 century" Love Gordina make to the State Duma for consideration of a new constitution called the "Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological Constitution of humanity."

Only in this constitution will be fixed by the article is not about equality, but about the equivalence of the sexes in the cosmos — not without pride, noted author of the fundamental scientific work.

At the exit I caught an old man like the old forest gnomes:
— You know who you were in your past life? — He whispered in my ear. — Priestess of the temple of the god Ra in Atlantis!

— Siegel with you — I waved, but my heart was pleased.

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