So, what is the quantum transition?

In order to understand this phenomenon, we need to break away for a while thinking of our land and look at everything from the point of view, as if we were the Creator of all things.

If you've never played this game before — do not be afraid to try, it's very exciting. In the end, each of the 6 billion people on this planet came just then, to learn to be a Creator.

The cause of the manifested universe, to which is ours, was the desire to Prime Creator (Creator of all things) to know himself through the variety of its manifestations. To enrich the experience, He identified Himself from your aspects, giving them self-awareness, and sent them he created worlds, where they could acquire the necessary experience for the Prime Creator, "Go and do the first and then all return to Me."

Expressed in everyday language, the manifested universe — a kind of Prime Creator created the educational system to prepare for future co-creator. Here, as in school, children come to learn the Prime Creator. And, as in any system of education in the training of the Makers have different stages. Similarly, as we have in the world: first nursery, then school, then college, then university.

Well, what is the role of the Earth in this entire educational kitchen?

If you continue with this analogy, it is our own Earth corresponds to the creche. Here, as a rule, come young souls who are just starting to gain experience of independent creation of living space around you. And like children, they enthusiastically play the game, often addicted, forgetting their parents, not all, and always they do, and often from ignorance, they hurt both themselves and others. But all this — a normal natural process of learning.

Feature of the material universe is the fact that these worlds are illusory, so that embodied soul is very easy to get lost in the maze of Maya — the illusion and forget about their connection to the primary source — the Prime Creator. What, in fact, we now observe around them: The man is so absorbed in the sphere of material that has forgotten the last time you raised your eyes to the stars. Unfortunately, not as often as I would like to meet people whose awareness extends beyond its own kitchen and problems of survival.

But now is the time when the status of the Earth in the educational system of the Prime Creator to change. Our Mother Earth passes examination refresher courses. If the examination will be completed successfully, the Earth will move from the category of the category of galactic nursery school. And it is happening right here and now. In the esoteric literature, this is called a quantum transition in 2012 surely we modern inhabitants of the earth, had some special services to the Creator again receive this honor — to come to Earth in this great time!

Quantum Transition — is a global phenomenon, which, as a chain reaction occurs throughout the universe. Imagine for a moment that a government has decided to hold a mass evaluation for all schools in the country to determine whether they conform to the published status. And as a result of certification, each institution may be eligible to move up a notch. School can be a college, college — get the status of the institute, and the institute — Academy. But do not rule out the possibility, when the examination is not passed, and then the school will remain the same, or, God forbid, will generally be disbanded.

After all, we learn not only to you. Our planet — as alive and self-aware organism, like a human. Only a higher level. And she learns. Learning to grow in their life spaces. And there are planets in the spaces of our universe — big set.

And they now hold the final examination for the right to go up a notch. And not the fact that all of them will pass your exam. Someone will be in the second year, that is for another cosmic cycle, which can last for hundreds of millions of earth years.

Respectively, together with the school exams and her students. After all, if a school has become an institution, the level of her students must comply with the new status of the educational institution.

Therefore, all of us earthlings, also have to go through the process of changing along with our beautiful planet.

It is this process to identify the sources was named a world away. Only the end of the world — this is not the end of everything. This is only the completion of certain cosmic life cycle. The end of the old order of things and a new beginning.

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the butterfly is called birth."

Well, the "end" it was called by those who like horror does not want to land in their development up a notch. Because then they would have to lose something for which they are used to keep hands, feet and teeth. Their power.

So really to be End of the World, and what does all this have you, my dear friend?

Each of the 7 billion people currently living on Earth — there is a potential creator. In each of them there are particles of the Prime Creator and you in this regard — is no exception.

But what is destined to grow out of this bit depends on you. For in our universe Prime Creator has endowed all about choices.

And if the Earth will pass your exam and how it goes through the process of Ascension — depends solely on us. Whether it will be a painful transition from numerous disasters or sudden and great Ascension to the Kingdom of Light — it all depends on our choice.

What we choose: Eternal or personal? We will learn how to become a Creator, or plunge into the maelstrom of passion and pleasure? Do we take responsibility for your life for themselves or are we going to indulge their whims and desires?

We, "The Seagull", a choice has been made.

But what choice do you? ..

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