Solar Floating Resort — solar energy for aqua-hotel!

Continuing the theme "Techniques for alternative sources of energy" I can not tell you about an amazing project Solar Floating Resort. This is a floating resort that will produce energy from solar panels mounted on the roof …

Watch: Solar Floating Resort

Photos, as well as information in Russian can read in the article.

This creation by Italian designer Michel Putstsolante will certainly appeal to you.
Name him right — Solar Floating Resort (SFR), meaning "floating resort on the solar-powered." Photovoltaic cells integrated into the roof of the water away. In case of bad weather on board SFR have generators. Floating hotel Protect the durable glass-fiber reinforced, ensuring 100% tightness.

In each hotel can accommodate 6 people. These services — underwater compartment with transparent walls and a review of all 360 degrees from where you can comfortably watch the amazing life of aqua world.

At SFR, whose length is 20 m, there are two double and two single rooms, each of which has its own bathroom. The resort is also equipped with a kitchen, dining area with breakfast bar, bridge and teak deck, where one can enjoy the outdoor jacuzzi.

Total internal floating resort area exceeds 100 square meters. m, in the design of interiors in precious wood, walls and ceiling are equipped with soft lighting.


Personally, for me, is a mystery: how this floating structure suited to the storm?
And, of course is very impressive.


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