Sorcerers of Konigsberg

In the laboratory, "Konigsberg-13" The Germans created a psychotropic weapon to enslave the world … The historian from Kaliningrad Sergey Trifonov has dedicated his life to the study of extraordinary phenomena and events in the life of Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad.

Among the research historian special place occupied by the study of documents and facts relating to the activities during the Third Reich's secret lab "Konigsberg-13." Scientific development of personally controlled units Gauleiter of East Prussia, Erich Koch, knew of the existence of laboratories devoted to a narrow circle of persons.

— The consciousness of Hitler and his associates were largely exposed hoaxes, — says Sergey Trifonov. — They believed about demonology, pagan rituals. An example of this — high-profile names divisions: "Werewolves", "Death's Head". The Nazis sensitive to anything occult, carefully used by the ancient letters and symbols.

In my collection — photos of more than eighty thousand characters and rune masters, prints on bricks wolf paws and children's hands, collected on this earth. Known for an SS emblem — two zipper (sig runes) — means twice the energy. There is abundant documentary evidence that the rune warriors, or, as they called the Koch devoted to black, took part in the old Teutonic rites. For example, whole companies of collectively made cuts on his hands with a red tile fragments. This symbolized their steadfastness in the fight against the enemy and kind arising out eternity.

Therefore, the idea of organizing a similar laboratory hatched in the minds of the leaders of the Third Reich.

— What did the secret lab?

— Before it had two objectives. The first — the study of ancient metaphysical disciplines, astrology, magic, hypnosis, various cults, fetishes. Second, the deepest and most promising, Development eastern concept of psychotropic substances on the basis of the research.

— When was organized by the laboratory?

— Even the miracle of the remaining documents, we are not saved, and sent overseas as unnecessary — the archive lab party workers of the USSR traded at Americans for machine tools and other iron trophy. So exactly when was organized by the laboratory, I can not object-classification level was so high that the city of its existence began to suspect only in time of war. By the way, the residents of the city are sometimes met with Buddhist monks in white and red robes.

If we talk about the beginning of the laboratory, it is very interesting facts emerge long before the outbreak of the Second World War. In 1929, when Hitler came to power only, some German journalists allowed themselves to openly mock the future Fuhrer. During a visit to East Prussia, he caught a cold, hoarse, and the speech he said, could not be called a success. Completed his speech the leader of the nation's pathetic words: "I came to take Konigsberg».

One of the local journalists are very evil and maliciously made fun hoarse speaker who dreams of winning the hearts of the inhabitants of East Prussia, a few days later edition appeared charming young man. As a sign of their deep location of the journalist he presented a chocolate bar and left. It was time for dinner, and when staff publishers went down to the cafeteria, they witnessed a terrible scene. The journalist has launched a tile and began to bite. There was unnatural for chocolate crunch of broken glass. Blood poured from his mouth, but the distraught girl kept biting furiously glass plate. The next day, there was a neat editorial note: "Give in his city".

It can be assumed that the Nazis even before coming to power, hatched plans to work on his opponents with the help of hypnosis.

— Who but the Germans are seriously concerned for this kind of research?

— Almost everything except the USSR. It is known that in the fall of 1940 Winston Churchill at the War Office was discussing how to use the magical knowledge. There is also information that the forty-second Prime Minister of Great Britain reported that his work Königsberg stuffed witches. In any case, this hypothesis explains the seething hatred of the British to this city.

— Place of laboratories is in Koenigsberg, in your opinion, was torn out not by accident?

— Brand awareness. Konigsberg since its founding considered a city of unique mystical mysteries and paradoxes. Even its location city must sign above. Initially, the Teutons, enslaved Prussians, had planned to establish the capital of their order for two hundred kilometers to the east, ka Neman River. But during the halt of knights on the hill, which was called the Royal happened solar eclipse. Masters, who headed the award, regarded it as the finger of God, and did not dare to contradict him.

As for the laboratory, no accident has been selected and its name. The figure is a landmark for thirteen Koenigsberg. All significant events in the life of the city associated with the baker's dozen or multiples of it. Even the number of columns on the tomb of the most famous Koenigsberg Immanuel Kant equals thirteen. The capitulation of Otto Lasch signed in the office number 13. If you add up the numbers foundation date of Königsberg (1255), we also get thirteen. Ironically, the same result is obtained with the addition of only two major cities in Europe — Berlin and Moscow.

And today the figure is accompanied by thirteen city. An interesting detail: at license plates we marked the thirty-ninth region. Remember that? In a kingdom of Far Far Away in a state …

— I, like any other normal person, always hard to believe the predictions of the prophets, and sorcerers who could not predict his fate is accurate.

— The most interesting is that in this respect the laboratory fully complied with its "function, or rather, one of its outstanding professionals. For which he paid. Even before the Nazis came to power, the name of Hans Seer Shurr enjoyed great success in Germany. His prediction of the death of the Third Reich astrologer issued in the early forties. Moreover, Hans Shurr exactly predicted that Konigsberg fall for three days in April in the forty-fifth year. Then clairvoyant not believe.

When, in March, the Soviet troops came to Konigsberg, Hans Shurr for the failure prediction executed. Since his body was torn locket with runic signs, which survived until our days.

— Did the practical application of research laboratory "Keiigsberg-13"?

— I can now say with certainty, the Nazis were able to create a weapon of mass destruction psychotropic character, but the intellectual capacity of the institution was very high. I have no doubt that the individual skills and talents of the Laboratory is actively used and any local operations. But to say that in one case, laboratory specialists have worked here and in the other one flock victim of a fatal accident, I will not. I did research, and not a psychic!

Occult bomb

In August 1944, British pilots began the massive bombing of Königsberg. The main purpose of bombers were four medieval buildings in the historic center of the old city. It was here, at Konigsberg, 13, winning the German arms "forged" secret laboratory staff of the ancient cults. On the first two floors of the lab has an extensive collection of religious objects — from Orthodox icons to the Scandinavian runes.

Part of the basement equipped, under a huge fridge with lots of baths, which was ice and … eyes pets brought to the slaughter. On the appointment of such an "alchemy" to the uninitiated can only guess. The development of "Koenigsberg-13" have been an integral part of German military doctrine. By order of the command of the British pilots bombed the area three times the super-powered bombs with napalm. But here's the paradox: six bombs that fell directly on the lab did not explode!

V.Gromak. "Interesting newspaper. Incredible »№ 24, 2012

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