Space Energy Inc — energy from space to Earth.

Space Energy Inc — Recently formed company that promises to provide land as much energy as needed. The intention is to specialized satellites orbiting the earth accumulated solar energy and transmit it to the planet!

So is there a possibility to produce solar energy in near space and transmit it back to Earth?

The concept of energy of the sun from orbit of the planet has been around for a long time. Part of the idea is implemented in the prototype devices, which the panel will accumulate sunlight. There are even a number of technologies designed specifically for such a project. However, to implement a grandiose plan in life there is still a great deal. And it is this company plans to do Space Energy Inc. In fact, this company is not a commercial organization and association of scientists, engineers and business people interested in providing cheap energy of the Earth, writes

Gathered together representatives of different professions have decided to disentangle from the growing energy needs and the potential threat of global warming. To do this, the light was removed old project, which should give the new forces of technology and solid financial influence. Members Space Energy Inc is confident in the success of the enterprise. "What we offer — a set of relatively simple technologies. If we send satellites into space, so that they always stay in the area to sunlight, and solve the problem of quality and safe transfer of energy received by the Earth, we can make a huge breakthrough in the energy sector ", — says Peter Sage, a spokesman for Space Energy.

A second from the sunlight falls on the Earth 200 gigawatts of energy. Desperate innovators offer it to accumulate on the panels near-Earth satellites and pass down to the surface of the planet as a directed microwave radiation. Located on the Earth antenna will intercept the signal and send it to the grid. If this idea is implemented, mankind will have as much energy as he would need for any needs. The only global problem that confronts a consortium members, is in the invention and development of technology, responsible for the security of the project.


One can only hope that in 10 years of this project is to be realized, not crushed in the bud world government as the current developments in the obslati alternative energy sources.


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