Strong wind, sleet and ice are expected in the Voronezh region

Ice, wind storms, rain and sleet are expected in the Voronezh region at night and during the day on Tuesday, they can lead to a deterioration of the situation on the roads, according GUMCHS region.

The past week has been one of the most warm for the end of November — beginning of December in the Voronezh region. On Friday, the temperature in the south of the region reached 13 degrees, exceeding by nearly four degrees to record in 1980. Sunday evening began a sharp temperature drop. Now Voronezh one degree Celsius.

"From Voronezh Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, provided information on severe weather night and day on Tuesday on Voronezh, and the expected heavy rains in the form of rain and wet snow. Patchy ice, sleet, strong winds up to 22 meters per second," — said in a statement.

Bad weather can cause breaks power lines and communication failures in the system utilities, fall wide and dilapidated structures. Due to icy conditions are more likely to crash on the roads in the region and injuries among the population. Rain and sleet will contribute to creating traffic jams and limited bandwidth on the roads.

Heavy snowfall in the Tver and Novgorod regions, which began in the middle of last week, has created a lot of problems for motorists. On the track "Russia" was the accumulation of heavy vehicles in both directions, formed two giant cork. According to the MOE, the length of congestion on the road was about 191 kilometers. Traffic was disrupted for more than 4 thousand trucks.

Currently, traffic on highway M-10 fully restored in both directions.

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