Summer dancing parties!

Summer dancing parties!The capital will soon recreation, dance evenings. This practice was popular in the Soviet Union. It's summer dance evenings are held occasionally in the park "Sokolniki" and also on Frunze Embankment.

Now add Izmailovo Park. There are building a site, the arena seats. The game will be live music as well as music from internet radio online where you can select and order any songs. It is also envisaged training program, and the dancers, teachers will teach in different styles. The first such evening in May, then a plan to dance three times a week.

Here in the park playground Filevsky this already. Start dancing scheduled for May 26. In Gorky Park season opened May 1. For young people to be hip-hop, and for older people — a great and passionate tango. Such sites want to build a long time and townspeople, and local authorities.

Wonderful way to spend time, meet, talk, walk. Moscow Department of Culture will soon cinema chain to vozduhe.V Sokolniki also open up additional space. Be able to sing and play any. There is, however, the demand — the presence of voice and neat vida.Ne all events will be entertainment, plans to broadcast more philosophical movies.

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