Symptoms of a quantum jump or escape from the matrix

… Of course, it would be foolish of me to say that I know exactly how to go beyond our matrix and that there is a concrete universal plan. Our knowledge and experience gained through years of life on earth, are designed primarily for ourselves. But since we are a collective entity (connected to each other by invisible threads of energy), our thoughts and actions speak to all mankind, even if we're sitting quietly alone, where — somewhere in the mountains.

Breakthrough in consciousness, or rather out of the human perception, I had spontaneously when my earthly consciousness was not ready for that.
The paradox of my way that I'm after many years did nothing that the ground experience that was. At a time when many people have tried to break free, to be free from maya, I, on the contrary, consciously immersed in it, as much as possible to feel its density.

Why? To this question I have a lot of answers, and, of course, subjective. I — just my little pixel space creatures. In my memory contains only what the human mind could bear.

For a higher being — three-dimensional world — this is the core of planets and stars. It is, however, cranking his weight on all the layers — measuring, preventing fly away into space. The farther away from the nucleus, the weaker gravity, the thinner and larger perception. So, the closer to the core worlds, the more the mind, which further compressed by the pressure of the centrifugal force. This force (gravity) provide the pros and cons (duality) — a good battleground between truths. Therefore, being here in three dimensions, we are doomed to a contradiction in itself. Our human mind is not able to glue the broken mosaic of consciousness, scattered on the floors of realities. He can only jump on these pieces, taking a new limited area for true achievement, while the old site will be quietly erased his memory. The farther from the center of the movement of consciousness, the closer to the truth (the truth, not a human), and it is not to understand the three-dimensional mind. This knowledge is such extensive and naturally — the microscopic, which permeate the entire cosmic essence. They can not squeeze in a capsule in the form of a packet of information and push the human fragment, otherwise it will burn in a split second, without even realizing what happened.

All these measurements around the "core" have their own truth, for example, in one of the realities I returned to convey the experience of certain individuals, rather than experience, all this nonsense … we all learn from our mistakes, but a certain light code to their subconscious, and easier kick from "hibernation" of consciousness. In another world, I could not bear the pressure of infinity and then hid in the density of the unconscious, to avoid frightening knowledge of things. Here, perhaps, is not ready to part with humanoid formation, transformed to light the existence of a purely timeless.

Still there are areas where I have the geometry, and the universe where all colors of the rainbow. There is a reality in the universe, just by touching them, their huge capacity in my soul starts a chain reaction to the destruction. Of course, there are many parts of me in different dimensions, where I take the form of super intelligence, or reside in the area of love. And life in the human worlds, in the form of countless images — incarnations, with a lackluster range of life. In general, many pieces have been lost in the labyrinth of time and timelessness, where I am, diverse, playing different roles.

And all of these pieces, after returning to the ground and hid me in a human being. Then gradually portals closed, and access to them drowned monotonous hum low-frequency energy of three-dimensional space. Only remained in the memory fragments of memories and a real transformation in consciousness. But I know when the time comes again, then "turn on" the "mechanism" to return to wholeness, when all of these pieces will merge into one single glow, and I will be again a — Cosmic Being.

Today I am — but a man, and, using the tools ego (desire to share popiaritsya, no matter how it sounds — it all just tricks of the spirit) will try to describe some of the symptoms exit goddess Maia.

1. The man lives a normal life like everyone else. But inside it increases the feeling that everything he does is of little value to him. He sees other people completely absorbed with the game in the duality — the possession of material goods and the pursuit of human happiness: family, career, respect in society, fame, finally. And this razdvoinost it pushes to find himself and the meaning of existence of life. Pursuit of knowledge leads him to an even greater impasse.

He understands that the further he goes in his quest, the more feels helpless incomprehensibility truth. And the helplessness of the unknown makes it de-energized. One day he comes to a sense of indifference to their fate, disappearing all his desires, one of the last — the attachment to the spiritual path. That only he might have tried in this way, and not only experienced in altered states of consciousness. Ups in the higher realms, where there unity with all creation

Highest Love, where it flowed from his heart, filling the space around by Sidhu, access to the astral battle mages for a piece of energy and a lot of this, that he could not really explain. To him suddenly comes the understanding that he is dying to the world, or the world is dying for him. Tears rolled themselves on the eye, when the last of the man fall off attachment to earthly life. The man still in the center of the world, consciously or subconsciously, says goodbye to him for the last time watching him play.

2. Include a mechanism for cleaning. This can be in the form of heat. It arises spontaneously for no apparent reason, almost every month, and may, within 5 to 10 minutes pass for 41 degrees. Whatever perfect life did not keep people still affected by viruses unconsciousness and dedication game. The temperature burns all waste products in the body, all fears, and most importantly, the person ceases to cling to life, it is all the same. Followed by a lightness in the body. He begins to feel empty, glass container and all its quiet emotion — only glimpses of the outside world on the walls. You can, of course, clean up deliberately avoiding the burning fire. But this is not a spiritual discipline … like, I'm popostyus, and I always come down the holy spirit. This must be an inner intuitive knowledge. Volunteers mind because of the great mentality and religious aspiration into the spirit world does not "take". Consciousness is too loaded with all sorts of esoteric and philosophical dogmas. Spirit needed empty and free from themselves being trained and ready to jump into the unknown. At this stage, a person comes to the realization that if he did not throw all his ballast, attachment to the land, then just die and then have to start all over again, just in a different life.

3. Temperature goes along with all the impurities from the body and consciousness. After that, she could drop to 35 degrees. In place of the heat comes the cold, not internal, as from exposure to cold, and the outside, as if around the body of cold plasma searing blue — violet light. At this time the physical body hardly felt, even when a person lifts weights. No desire to take the Earth's food, it is not tasty and foreign. In the mind manifests transparent purity, as in a mountain lake in the calm. At this point, there is no fear, no love at all, no feelings, the more self-pity.

4. Inside, there is knowledge — the voice of the higher self, presaging a large influx of energy from the abyss. If at this point the person has at least some feelings or thoughts, it's likely nothing will happen. But if he remains aloof and ruthless to himself, then with his boundless heights to fall Force. It looks like a huge lightning strike to the chest. It is very important to note: the energy does not penetrate through the top (7 chakra), and beats in the chest in the region of 4 chakras, which then merge all of our energy bodies, forming a single glow (more like Kastanedovskuyu assembly point). Body after a portion of cosmic energy starts to vibrate like a transformer and gradually lose their density, becoming light and transparent like a balloon.

5. On can be a meeting with his death, that is, flight to the "pipe" and self-awareness disembodied spirit. In this state, there is a catch on the way — the desire to return to the usual long-awaited state of lightness and freedom from the physical body. Portal through the top of the head — this is a common death, where there is no escape from the matrix to the energy universe, at least for us three-dimensional beings. Leaving the Earth plane once again to the light at the end of the tunnel, one can go in different parallel worlds, depending where engages his attention. If he has enough energy, that is, the probability of "fly" in a different, more three-dimensional area on another planet and wake up there, in the body of God (in the silver suit), or because of weakness to get into 'sinks' on the moon or the earth astrally -mental plans in anticipation of a new physical body. After the usual death (through the top) the person does not leave the matrix, and goes from one "gulag" to the other, even if it is a galactic archipelago.

6. If a person is returned to his earthly body, literally, in a moment it falls a second wave of energy. Then immediately follows the third. From a feeling of overflowing strength annihilation of the human body. A cracking bursting luminous cocoon and intolerable light strikes through the "cracks" in the human mind. At this point, only detached and empty mind is still safe and sound. Time stops. After another moment, it should be a huge boost awareness. Which then of a second person to your attention, like a giant vacuum cleaner "sucks" in all the pieces of your mind, scattered in different dimensions. At this time even heard a hissing sound inside the collapsible space. As if that's about to be born from a huge compression supernova. Then nanosecond … blinding flash …. And he, the man suddenly becomes himself, that is, Cosmic Being. In no time formed a new entity, where instead of the human physical body, now he has a new body — a sphere of light. In this new area is not only the soul, but also something more, accommodates the entire universes of light and dark energy (not in the sense of good and evil). And the most important thing in a single cluster are united people, which is now a glowing dot in the center of the Sphere. Human fragment served as an adapter. Through it, the opposite of the integrated qualities cosmic energy.

7. Having found himself present, the journey is just beginning, and the man will face new obstacles, like a computer game, but he is not a man, as a sphere of light, the purpose of which — the love and awareness. Here, at the last moment on the path to freedom may be a significant barrier in the form of creatures that guard the program from foreign intervention. They are interested in the boundary matrix no overlap, because everything inside it — it's their food. And for those brave souls who dared to challenge them, psevdobogam. they have in their arsenal is a good club, in the form of a hologram of any monsters. These horror stories — a product of these same people created their imagination for centuries unconscious incarnations. If only as a fugitive in the whole of this vast "evil" (there can be any illusion, the main draw attention newborn sphere) will experience fear, the hologram will increase it a thousand times, that would be a good punch and young, was not firmly terrestrial sphere, will reset all accumulated reserve of energy in the breach in his mind. And after a huge leak of its luminosity, it will fall back into the dense worlds for a new portion of energy.

Young Scope — tidbit for custody threshold. After the fugitive has absorbed all their earthly fragments of different dimensions, increasing its power consumption. These "guards" have also a positive value (but do not know about it). They do not let the energy the universe was not firmly under this terrestrial sphere, saving them more fragile minds, a meeting with a greater challenge — the abyss of the unknowable.

8. But if the fugitive is not afraid of, it will go through all the "monsters" created out of fear of people. He, spraying his intention holographic barrier to atoms, see the last barrier on the road to freedom — the energy cocoon of the land itself. Now he will hatch out of the earth "egg", penetrate dense "shell" of intense light and maintain its integrity. Fugitive consciousness accelerates faster and faster, and it is wedged in this blinding light … and it breaks. Moment, and … it's free.
Once on the outside, the newborn will experience that words can not describe the earth. It is an explosion of ecstatic feelings and awareness. This is a complete fusion of the whole creation, and at the same time feeling a huge self — sufficient individuality.

Realize the illusion of the material world is only possible through the energetic universe, when you see reality without form, pierced protuberances light. When you see how the innumerable living fibers inside a giant light spheres hang entire universes. When you enter your intention inside one of the spheres, then you realize the energy swirling in a figure-eight, which creates the illusion of infinity. And in this infinity, like fireflies in the night, scattered billions of points of light — galaxies. Within these clusters — galaxies lives innumerable stars, connected by light strings. Then grabs the dim glow of consciousness — this planet. Attention is delayed by one of them — a land that glows reddish light, which in the light of her body visible billions of small dots. They are like the buds growing on the giant energy flowerbed. One of the "buds" barely flickers on the body of the planet. This tiny ball of light dreams — holograms, where he feels that he is moving, eating, traveling by car on the highway under a huge blue sky, while his real energy cocoon hanging "glued" to the vast web of light such as He clots awareness.

After such a vision a man, now a cosmic being, forever freed from the illusion of the goddess Maia. On the other hand, is aware of the cruelty and inhumanity of energy of the universe, he realizes the importance of the world of forms, without which there is no sense of existence. No creativity and love, no one lulling warmth inherent goddess Maya. Now the matter of space beings — wardress, and his loyal assistant to Lucid Games in infinity.

All that is written in this article is built linearly to make it more understandable to the world's mind. And of course, this is only a tiny scraps of knowledge, poorly joined together. In fact, things may not be quite as written here. Everything flows, everything changes, but one always — our eternal journey in search of his home, the house without walls.

The ascension process rights — especially individually. It depends on the energy and matter in what period of time is realized. In the nineties of the last century, the earth's cocoon was tight, now it has become more transparent and accessible to overcome it. Soon many mature souls will try to pass their final frontier. They already feel like the outside of their cocoon light tapping energy of change and as their internal readiness, force the evolution of consciousness will open "shell" of the light "egg." The transition itself is fast, within a few days, sometimes hours. But preparation for this important date there are thousands and thousands of years. Being inside the planet — eggs from embryo matures into a little wet behind the ears — man. When the chick — a man stronger, its beak — the intention would be sharp, then he can break the "egg" from the inside, and fly to freedom. And what chick he will …? Future eagle fat penguin, chicken lays the golden egg or cosmic albatross — a wanderer of the universe depends on its internal preference. After all there for the earth matrix, life has just begun, and the cosmic man unknown to him waiting for new adventures.

Reality more fantastic than our earthly scientific theories and fairy tales.

Alex Vindgolts

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